Haribo Tangfastics

Are Haribo Tangfastics vegan?

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Haribo Tangfastics are sour and fizzy chewy sweets in the shapes of cherries, dummies, cola bottles and crocodiles.

If you’re new to veganism, you’ll find yourself beginning to create a mental list of which chewy sweets are vegan and which contain animal products. To do that, you’ll need to know what to look out for on the labels.

One of the main non-vegan ingredients you’ll find in many chewy sweets is gelatine – a protein obtained by boiling animal bones, skins, ligaments and tendons. As you can see from the ingredients below, Haribo Tangfastics contain gelatine. Unfortunately, despite alternatives being readily available, gelatine used in many varieties of gummy sweets to give them a chewy texture

Haribo Tangfactics ingredients (UK)

Glucose syrup; sugar; gelatine; dextrose; acid: citric acid, malic acid; caramelised sugar syrup; fruit and plant concentrates: apple, aronia, blackcurrant, carrot, elderberry, grape, hibiscus, kiwi, lemon, mango, orange, passion fruit, safflower, spirulina; flavouring; elderberry extract.

Are Tangfastics suitable for vegans?

Haribo Tangfastics sweets are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians because they contain gelatine which is derived from the body parts of animals.

The gelatine used in Haribo Tangfasticsis derived from pigs, which means that they are also not halal.

Are any Haribo sweets vegan?

The Haribo confectionery brand produces many different varieties of Haribo including Starmix, Supermix and Giant Strawbs. Some of these contain gelatine and some do not, meaning that some Haribo products are suitable for vegetarians. However, almost all Haribo sweets contain beeswax, making them not suitable for vegans.

The following Haribo sweets are suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans):

  • Haribo Funny-Mix
  • Haribo Giant Strawbs
  • Haribo Jelly Beans
  • Haribo Rainbow Twists
  • Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists
  • Haribo Sour Rainbow Spaghetti
  • Haribo Sour Rainbow Strips

None of these vegetarian Haribos are suitable for vegans as they contain beeswax which is secreted by bees and is used as a glazing agent.

Which Haribo sweets are vegan?

There is one type of Haribo which does not contain any animal products and is suitable for vegans: the Haribo Soft Jelly Bear.

vegan haribo sweets

The Haribo Soft Jelly bear is an 11-inch tall yellow plastic bear filled with 1 KG of individually-wrapped soft candies. You can buy the vegan Haribo Soft Jelly Bear at Tesco for £6.

As you can see from the ingredients below, the vegan Haribo sweets use pectin rather than gelatine. Pectin is a naturally occurring substance which is found in apples, berries and other fruits. No glazing agent is used.

Vegan Haribo Soft Jelly Bear Ingredients (UK):

Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Humectant: Sorbitol, Acid: Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: Trisodium Citrate, Fruit Juice Concentrates: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Fruit and Plant Concentrates: Black Carrot, Spirulina, Safflower, Radish, Apple, Flavouring, Invert Sugar Syrup.

The vegan Haribo Soft Jelly Bear sweets look quite different from the types of Haribo sweets that you see regularly. For one, they are shaped like standard candies rather than the different shapes you get in many Haribo varieties. Still, if you’re desperate for a Haribo fix, they might be worth a try.

Vegan Haribo alternatives

The good news is that there are a large number of chewy sweets which are suitable for vegans. You might be lucky enough to find some of these in your loal supermarket, although they may not be where you expect. In my local Asda, the vegan sweets can be found hidden on a top shelf in the soft drinks aisle, nowhere near the rest of the sweets!

Some of my favourite vegan sweets which are available online are:

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens are natural fruit sweets which come in lots of different flavours and this gift hamper is a great way to see which you like best. I’ve tried lots of the flavours and loved them all so far. This pack contains strawberry, watermelon, mengo and blueberry.

Super Sweets

This huge 1 KG bag of vegan sweets offers great value for money and all the different kinds are delicious – there were none I didn’t like! The fizzy jellies are really sour and fizzy but not so much that they hurt your mouth, which is ideal.

Swizzels Retro Sweets

As a kid in the 80s I grew up eating Swizzels drumsticks, dip dabs and love hearts. I had to stop eating them when I became vegetarian as a child as they did used to contain gelatine. However, I’m thrilled that Swizzels have gone to such efforts to adjust the ingredients and make 18 varieties of vegan sweets that everyone can enjoy. Refresher bars have only recently become vegan and I’m enjoying them very much.

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