Best vegan laundry detergent UK

choosing vegan laundry detergent

Many supermarket-bought laundry detergents contain nasty hidden ingredients like animal fat. Yuk! Luckily, vegan laundry detergent and vegan fabric softener are readily available to …

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Are mince pies vegan or vegetarian?

vegan mince pies

Made from pastry and filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices known as ‘mincemeat’, mince pies are a popular British Christmas treat. …

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Best vegan eyeshadow palettes

vegan eyeshadow palette

Shopping for cruelty-free, vegan makeup is generally pretty easy. However, things can get a little more tricky when it comes to eyeshadow. That’s because …

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The best supermarkets for vegan food

vegan supermarket

British supermarkets vary hugely with what vegan food they have available to buy. If you’re not satisfied with the vegan offerings in your local …

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Is Soreen vegan?


Soreen is the most popular brand of malt loaf in the UK. Soreen is made to a vegetarian recipe, but is it suitable for …

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Is mulled wine vegan? (aka Gluhwein)

vegan mulled wine

When the festive season rolls around, new vegans often find themselves frantically looking up whether Christmas food and drinks like mince pies and brandy …

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15 best vegan puff pastry recipes

best vegan puff pastry recipes

Puff pastry is a super-versatile light and flaky pastry that can be used to make all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes. Making your …

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Is puff pastry vegan?

Puff pastry (also known as pâte feuilletée) is a light and flaky pastry which can be used to make sweet and savoury foods including …

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Is filo pastry vegan?

vegan filo pastry sheets

Filo pastry (also known as phyllo pastry) is a very thin unleavened dough that’s used in both sweet and savoury recipes. Crunchy and flaky, …

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Are Yankee candles vegan?

Generally speaking, some candles are vegan-friendly but others are not. Animal-derived ingredients in candles may include beeswax and stearic acid which is made from …

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Vegan bumper stickers

Bumper stickers are such a simple activism tool. They’re cheap (or free) and easy to use. Just stick one to your car and you’ll …

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How to go vegan as a teenager

how to go vegan as a teenager

As the world gradually transitions towards veganism, clued-up teens are often the ones leading the way. As they learn the benefits of a vegan …

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Are Jelly Tots vegan?

Are Jelly Tots vegan

Rowntree’s Jelly Tots are suitable for vegans because they contain no animal ingredients. Unlike many jelly sweets, Jelly Tots do not contain gelatine, meaning …

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Flora Plant Butter Review

Flora Plant Butter

I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own. New for 2020, Flora Plant Butter is a dairy-free vegan butter …

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Vegan rolling papers

Many people are surprised to learn that most rolling papers aren’t vegan. The problem comes from animal products being used in the glue or …

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Definite Chocolate review

definite chocolate taster selection

Definite Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier from the Dominican Republic. I was very kindly gifted some bars of this vegan dark chocolate to review. …

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Are Fruit Pastilles vegan?

Rowntrees fruit pastilles vegan

Since their launch in 1881, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles had contained gelatine, making them unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. However, on 15th September 2020, Nestlé …

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