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Allplants is a plant-based meal delivery company in the UK. They very kindly sent me some of their vegan ready meals to try.

In this review, I’ll explain how Allplants works and give you my opinion about the meals. I wasn’t paid to write this and I’ll be 100% honest, as I am with all of my vegan reviews.

Allplants has made my list of the 9 best vegan delivery services in the UK. This shortlist showcases the best frozen meal options like Allplants, as well as some fresh meal prep options and some cook-your-own vegan recipe kits.

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What is Allplants?

Allplants is a 100% vegan food delivery company in the UK. They offer a huge menu of plant-based meals, sides, breakfasts, smoothies and treats.

Allplants meals are designed by nutritionists, cooked by chefs and flash-frozen for freshness. All you need to do is heat them up in the oven or microwave and enjoy!

How does Allplants work?

With Allplants, you can choose a box of six meals, either for one person or double-sized portions for two people.

When choosing which meals you want from the Allplants menu, you can filter for soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free options, as well as choosing the level of spiciness or filtering to see only meals that are under 450 calories.

You can then choose to add on any side dishes, breakfasts, desserts or smoothies.

Allplants delivery

With Allplants, you can decide how often you’d like your food to be delivered. You can choose between one and six weeks. If that’s still too often, you can easily pause your subscription, or cancel it completely.

Your food will be delivered frozen on your chosen delivery day. On the day, you’ll get a text with a one hour window so you know when it’s coming. If you’re not home to accept your delivery, it can be left outside or with a neighbour and it will stay frozen until 10pm.

Here’s what my Allplants delivery looked like when it arrived… (Yes, the box was a little bashed, but it was so well insulated that the boxes inside weren’t damaged at all).

Allplant vegan food delivery

How to heat Allplants meals

When you order, you can choose meals that can be cooked in the oven or microwave. Everything can be heated in the oven, and most of them are also suitable for microwave cooking.

The meals take around 6 or 7 minutes in the microwave and around 30 minutes if you choose to oven cook. Being the busy person that I am, I chose to microwave mine.

If you have any leftovers, you can keep them in the fridge for 24 hours before reheating again the next day.

Is Allplants eco-friendly?

One of the reasons why I’m vegan is to limit my impact on the environment, so of course, I wanted to find out the environmental impact of the delivery and the packaging.

Allplants uses DPD to deliver the parcels, which is great news as it means that the delivery is carbon neutral.

As for the packaging, it’s all either reusable or recyclable.

Allplants packaging

Allplants uses recycled denim offcuts for insulation. You can return these to be re-used by taking them to your local Collect+ point.

However, I decided to keep the denim as it provided a perfect cushion to go under my dog’s bed! You could also use it for soundproofing a room, insulating a shed or even making your own cushions. Or, you could just send it back.

Allplants meal reviews

I tried six single-serving meals from the Allplants menu. Below, you’ll see photos and mini reviews of each.

Please bear in mind that I’m not a photographer! I took the photos with my iPhone and haven’t edited them because I want to show you what the food looks like in real life, not how good it can look in a photo.

1. Lentil & Chutney Chana Bowl

Lentil & Chutney Chana Bowl

This dish was absolutely delicious, I was a bit taken aback by how good it tasted, to be honest. The texture of the roasted sweet potato and cauliflower florets was perfect and the chutney was incredibly moreish.

I must admit I had no idea what ‘chana’ was until I tried this. Turns out, it’s chickpeas! The chickpeas in this dish were mashed. I’ve never thought of making chickpea mash before, but I’ve been inspired and plan to have a go at making it myself.

2. Teriyaki Udon

Teriyaki Udon

These chunky teriyaki udon noodles tasted just like a takeaway, only much healthier with only 420 calories! I loved the sticky, teriyaki sauce and the crunchy cashews.

3. Green Goodness Bowl

Green Goodness Bowl

Allplants’ Green Goodness Bowl is probably the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in my life. And it was delicious!

I wouldn’t expect frozen broccoli and kale to taste nice but everything was perfectly cooked and flavoured with plenty of garlic, chilli and mint. I’m still a bit shocked that something so healthy and delicious could come via a microwave oven!

4. Three Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

I hadn’t tried a risotto since going vegan. Mushroom risotto always seemed to be the vegetarian option at weddings and Christmas parties and I never liked it. Yet this vegan risotto was lovely!

I loved the fancy chestnut and portobello mushrooms and the toasted walnuts were a very nice addition to this meal.

5. Mushroom & Chickpea Korma

Mushroom & Chickpea Korma

Whilst the mushroom and chickpea korma didn’t look the best, it was wonderfully creamy and tasty. I’d certainly order this again, perhaps adding a frozen garlic paratha for a real Indian takeaway feel.

6. Spanish Corn & Smoky Rice Bowl

Spanish Corn & Smoky Rice Bowl

Every mouthful of this meal had a different flavour with tasty sweet potato cubes, chewy tofu, smashed peas and tasty corn. All the flavours complimented each other perfectly making this a well-rounded wholesome dish that I’d love to eat again.

How much does Allplants cost?

Allplants costs £6.75 per meal for single portions and £4.99 per meal for double portions. When you compare this to the cost of a takeaway, it’s great value for money.

While you could make the dishes yourself if you had the time and the skills, all the different ingredients would be quite expensive and it would be tricky to make them without any waste.

Allplants prices:

  • Main meals – £4.99 to £6.75
  • Sides – £3.95
  • Breakfasts – £4.00
  • Desserts – £3.00
  • Smoothies – £3.50

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Allplants Review

by Jenni Fielding, Founder of



I would certainly recommend Allplants for anyone looking for healthy whole-food plant-based meals. They’re perfect to keep in the freezer for those days when there’s no time to cook or to take to work for lunches that are quick to heat up.


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