The 7 best vegan meal delivery services in the UK

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Are you bored of eating the same vegan meals every week and want to try new things? Maybe you find it difficult to get to the shops, or just don’t have the time to cook? Perhaps you just hate food waste and want everything to be perfectly portioned with the exact nutrition you need to stay healthy…

Whatever your situation, there’s a vegan meal delivery service for you.

The best vegan meal delivery service by reviews = Mindful Chef

Whether it’s quick and easy frozen microwave meals or recipe boxes with instructions to create your own culinary masterpieces from scratch, this detailed guide will help you choose the best vegan meal delivery service for your needs.

If you’re short on time and just want links to the best services, these are here…

TypeWhy choosePrice fromWhere to buy
Mindful ChefRecipe boxUK’s best rated£4.50Go to website
Feast BoxRecipe boxExotic recipes£5Go to website
RiverfordRecipe box100% organic£6.25Go to website
Balance MealsFresh meal prepHealthy, bespoke plans£7Go to website
Fresh Fitness FoodFresh meal prepTailored to your fitness goals£7.66Go to website
AllPlantsFrozen mealsHuge choice£4.99Go to website
Vibrant Vegan Co.Frozen mealsGives to charity£6Go to website

The different types of vegan food delivery

Aside from local takeaway restaurants, there are two main kinds of vegan food deliveries. These are:

  1. Meals you cook yourself – Recipe kits that have ingredients and instructions to follow
  2. Premade meals – Fresh or frozen meals that you can easily heat up

Both types of meal deliveries have their advantages. The main consideration to make when choosing between a recipe box and ready-made meal is time. Do you have the time and skills to cook, or do you want food delivered because you’re too busy to make it yourself?

It’s also worth thinking about how many people are in your family. Some pre-made meal delivery packages are perfect for one person but would be no good if you have family members and kids to cook for.

Some recipe boxes make enough food for two people in each meal. If you live alone or your family members don’t want to try vegan food that’s no problem as you can save some and heat it up the next day for lunch.

The benefits of vegan meal delivery

  • Saves time
  • No food waste
  • Try new things
  • Easy to cook

The best vegan recipe boxes

If you enjoy cooking, the best vegan meal delivery option would be a recipe box that allows you to cook everything yourself.

In these boxes, you’ll receive all the fresh ingredients, herbs and spices you need to prepare your meals. You may need to add a few things that you’ll already have at home, such as cooking oil, salt and pepper.

When choosing a vegan recipe box, it’s important to pay attention to how long the meals take to prepare as this can vary from 15 to 90 minutes. If you have a busy lifestyle the last thing you’ll want to do is spend 90 minutes cooking your evening meal!

Mindful Chef

Discover the UK’s highest-rated recipe box

Mindful Chef vegan recipe box delivery
Photo credit: Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef offers fresh, nutritionist-designed recipes delivered to your doorstep.

The top-rated recipe kit in the UK, Mindful Chef has over 10,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Fearne Cotton, Tom Daley and Andy Murray, who loved the food so much he invested in the business.

Mindful Chef does offer meat and fish options as well as vegan recipe boxes, but the recipes all avoid sugar and refined carbs and are based primarily around using fresh vegetables in innovative ways.

The company works with small, family-run British farms to bring you only the highest-quality ingredients.

Example dishes:

  • Harissa cauliflower steaks and smoky chimichurri
  • Italian bean stew with cavolo nero and black olives
  • Warming lentil stew with squash and pomegranate

Mindful Chef at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Recipe box
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 15
  • Cooking time: 10 to 45 minutes
  • Cost: £10 for a single meal for one, £4.50 per person when you order 3 meals for 4 people
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Minimum order: 2 recipes per week
  • Each meal serves: 1, 2 or a family of 4
  • Delivery area: UK nationwide
  • Flexibility: Skip a box or cancel at any time
  • Great for: Celiacs – all meals are gluten-free
  • Wow factor: For every meal you buy, Mindful Chef donates a school meal to a child in poverty
  • Packaging: Recycled denim
  • Be aware: If you’re looking for meals to feed a family of four, there are only four options, rather than six

Mindful Chef offers recipe cook alonFeast Boxgs on YouTube so that you can watch their videos whilst cooking a meal from your recipe box. Take a look at this sweet and sour tofu with crispy kale recipe cook along…

Mindful Chef | Cookalong with our Sweet and Sour Tofu with Crispy Kale

Feast Box

The World Food Recipe Box

Feast Box vegan recipe box delivery
Photo credit: Feast Box

Feast Box is a recipe box delivery service that lets you cook the world’s tastiest dishes in your own kitchen at home, using the basic pots and pans that you already own.

There is a choice of meat, vegetarian and vegan meals, with a weekly changing menu that always includes at least four vegan options.

The Feast Box menu has a focus on exotic dished from countries like Peru, India, Thailand, China and West Africa. Each recipe box is packed with ingredients you might have never heard of, let alone tried, such as aji amarillo chillies, the ginger-like root galangal and Chinese Sichuan pepper.

Example dishes:

  • Mushroom and courgette koftas
  • Cauliflower steaks and channa masala
  • Vegan buddha bowl

Feast Box at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Recipe box
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 4 (with new meals available each week)
  • Cooking time: 35 to 90 minutes
  • Cost: £5 – £9 per person
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Each meal serves: 2 or 4 people
  • Minimum order: 2 recipes per week
  • Delivery area: UK mainland
  • Flexibility: Skip meals or pause at your leisure
  • Great for: People who like to try adventurous dishes from around the world
  • Wow factor: Meals can be paired with specially selected wine or beer
  • Packaging: Recycled cotton offcuts
  • Be aware: Some of the meals take up to 90 minutes to prepare

Take a look at this delicious vegan katsu curry video from Feast Box…


Live life on the veg

Riverford vegan recipe box delivery
Photo credit: Riverford

Riverford offers organic recipe boxes which include a weekly-changing choice of vegan meals.

Each vegan recipe box uses fresh, organic produce that’s in season at the time. Riverford is an ethically-focused company, with 80% of their vegetables grown in the UK, a ban on air freight and a promise to pay farmers fairly for their produce.

Vegans should be aware that Riverford uses wool as part of the insulation in its packaging. This is unacceptable to most vegans, but if you’re not vegan and are looking for a plant-based recipe kit, this could be a good option.

Example dishes:

  • Squash and the chickpea tagine
  • Five-spice shiitake quinoa bowl
  • Vegan broccoli, almond and macaroni bake

Riverford at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Recipe box
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 3 (with new meals available each week)
  • Cooking time: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Cost: £6.25 per person
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Each meal serves: 2 people
  • Minimum order: The minimum spend is £15
  • Delivery area: England
  • Flexibility: Set up a regular weekly or fortnightly order or just place one-off orders
  • Great for: Those looking for organic, plant-based options
  • Wow factor: As well as recipe boxes, there’s a choice of 18 different fruit and veg boxes
  • Packaging: Reusable boxes and baskets, wool liners, compostable paper and some plastic. The company aims to be plastic-free by the end of 2020.
  • Be aware: Wool may be used as insulation which is not acceptable to many vegans.

The following video was filmed on Riverford’s organic farm in Devon and tells you what the brand is all about…

Walk through our fields - Choose Riverford

The best vegan meal prep delivery companies

Do you want healthy plant-based meals but lack the skills, time or inspiration to make them yourself? A vegan meal prep delivery service could be right up your street.

Using fresh, vegan ingredients, pre-prepared meals are either ready to eat or can be quickly heated in the microwave, in the oven or on the hob.

As meals are pre-cooked and refrigerated and deliveries are made at least twice per week, sometimes daily. You don’t have to be home to accept your food delivery, it will be packed in ice and can be left in a safe place outside your house.

Balance Meals

Healthy meals delivered to your door.

Balance Meals vegan meal prep delivery
Photo credit: Balance Meals

Balance Meals offer a great vegan meal prep package which is super-convenient and healthy.

Each meal prep delivery provides enough food for three meals and one snack per day. To keep things fresh, the five-day plan is split into two deliveries, on a Sunday and a Wednesday.

The company offers a variety of options depending on your fitness goals such as Grow & Gain, Maintain & Sustain or Trim & Slim. There’s only one vegan meal prep plan, but you could also order a bespoke meal plan which can be tailored to your needs.

Example meals:

  • Breakfast – Granola and non-dairy yoghurt
  • Lunch – Tofu katsu
  • Dinner – Thai green curry
  • Snack – Sweet potato brownies

Balance Meals at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Fresh pre-prepared meals
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners and 2 snacks
  • Cooking time: 2-4 minutes in the microwave, 5-6 minutes in a pan or 10 minutes in the oven
  • Cost: £24 per day
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Each meal serves: Each day you’ll get 3 large meals and a healthy snack for one person
  • Minimum order: Two days of food as a trial, then five days at a time
  • Delivery area: UK nationwide
  • Flexibility: Try a two-day taster, a five-day plan or a regular contract
  • Great for: Time-poor vegans who hate cooking but want to stay healthy
  • Wow factor: Bespoke plans are also available and can be tailored around whether you want to train hard and bulk up, lose weight or have extra-healthy meals.
  • Packaging: 100% recyclable plastic
  • Be aware: All meals are packaged in plastic

Take a look inside a Balance Meals delivery box…

Balance Meals UK Meal Prep Review

Fresh Fitness Food

UK’s #1 in bespoke nutrition

Fresh Fitness Food vegan meal prep
Photo credit: Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food offers healthy meal prep that’s delivered to your door daily for maximum freshness.

With a focus on fitness, Fresh Fitness Food offers personalised meal plans which are tailored to your unique nutritional requirements, tastes and fitness goals.

Bespoke menus are designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant and every meal is prepared by a team of expert chefs. Only the freshest, highest quality ingredients are used to create seasonal meals which aim to give you the best chance of meeting your fitness goals.

Example meals:

  • Golden pumpkin satay curry
  • Coq au vin with THIS™ meat substitute
  • Sweet and sour tofu with aubergine

Fresh Fitness Food at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Fresh pre-prepared meals
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: You can’t choose which meals you receive
  • Cooking time: A few minutes in the microwave or oven
  • Cost: From £23 per day
  • Delivery cost: Free for London, £5 for other areas
  • Each meal serves: Each day you’ll get 3 meals for one person
  • Minimum order: Five days of food as a trial, then there’s a 20-day plan
  • Delivery area: London (within the M25) plus select postcodes in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Telford and Warwick.
  • Flexibility: Your delivery pattern can be easily customised, so if you need seven days of food one week and two days the next you can do this. Just choose which days you’d like a delivery.
  • Great for: Vegans wanting a bespoke plan that’s tailored to their fitness goals
  • Wow factor: You can book a 15-minute call with a nutritionist to discuss your needs and can specify your own macros if you wish
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic
  • Be aware: You don’t get to choose your meals so may get stuck with something you don’t like

Use discount code CHOOSEVEGANISM10 for 10% OFF

This video from Fresh Fitness Food explains how it works…

Fresh Fitness Food Step by Step

The best frozen vegan meal delivery services

Frozen meals have had a bit of a bad reputation – probably due to the popularity of supermarket ready meals which are often packed with salt and preservatives.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case! It’s perfectly possible to get healthy, nutritious frozen plant-based meals delivered to your door.

Freezing precooked meals actually locks in all the goodness, making them just as healthy as fresh meals. The only downside is that they can take slightly longer to heat at home, particularly if you use a gas or electric oven rather than a microwave.


Stay healthy and save the planet

allplants frozen vegan meal delivery
Photo credit: Allplants

Allplants is a vegan company offering frozen ready-made vegan meals delivered to your door.

There’s a great choice of 22 chef-made dished which are instantly frozen after cooking to lock in the freshness. The company has a focus on sustainability – all packaging is either recyclable, compostable or reusable and deliveries are carbon-neutral too.

Example meals:

  • Rigatoni Carbonara
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Roasted veggie lasagne

Allplants at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Frozen pre-prepared meals
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 22
  • Cooking time: 12 minutes in the microwave or 40 to 55 minutes in the oven
  • Cost: £6.75 per meal for one person, or £4.99 per person if you order meals for two
  • Delivery cost: Free delivery on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. £2.50 for a weekend delivery.
  • Each meal serves: 1 or 2 people
  • Minimum order: 6 meals
  • Delivery area: Almost every corner of Great Britain
  • Flexibility: Change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time
  • Great for: Vegans wanting to stay healthy and save the planet
  • Wow factor: Allplants is a vegan company with a zero-waste policy
  • Packaging: Recyclable cardboard boxes with reusable ice-packs and recycled denim liners
  • Be aware: Some meals can only be heated in the oven, not the microwave

This video from Allplants explains how the service works…

The allplants Story - How It Works

Vibrant Vegan Co.

Tastes good. Does good.

Vibrant Vegan Co. frozen vegan meal delivery
Photo credit: Vibrant Vegan Co.

Vibrant Vegan Co. is a vegan company offering frozen vegan meals which have been specially designed to match various nutritional goals including low calories, gluten-free and slow-energy-releasing meals which will keep you fuller for longer.

The company puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does. And each time you buy a meal, they donate another to a child in need.

On the menu, you’ll find dishes from around the world including a whole host of exotic curries, stews and chillis.

Example meals:

  • Mumbai cauli thali
  • Piri Piri jambalaya
  • Goan stew

Vibrant Vegan Co. at a glance…

  • Type of meal: Frozen pre-prepared meals
  • Number of vegan meals to choose from: 18
  • Cooking time: 5 to 10 minutes in the microwave
  • Cost: £5.40 per meal for one person
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Each meal serves: 1 person
  • Minimum order: 6 meals
  • Delivery area: Mainland UK, excluding Highlands and islands
  • Flexibility: Place a one-off order or subscribe with a flexible subscription
  • Great for: Vegans looking for a great choice of premade meals
  • Wow factor: Each time you buy a meal, Vibrant Vegan Co. donates another to a child in need
  • Packaging: Trays are made from compostable sugarcane residue and the film is recyclable
  • Be aware: Subscription prices vary depending on how often you receive a delivery

Take a look at this video by the Vibrant Vegan Co. to see what you can expect in your delivery…

Introducing Vibrant Vegan

So which is the best vegan meal delivery service in the UK?

Now that you’ve seen all the details about the various vegan meal delivery options in the UK, which will you choose?

Here are our top picks:

Wherever possible, we’ve chosen vegan-only companies, those that use only organic produce and businesses with a focus on sustainability.

Whether you want recipe boxes which will fill each of your evenings with fun cooking sessions, or microwave meals that are ready in just two minutes, there’s a UK-based vegan meal delivery service for you.

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