The best vegan ready meals (UK)

Having some vegan ready meals in your freezer for anyone who leads a busy life, isn’t able to cook healthy vegan meals or wants …

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The best multivitamins for vegans

vegan vitamins

A healthy, balanced vegan diet can provide everything that the human body needs to thrive. But, unless you carefully manage the nutrients that you …

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Domino’s vegan pizza review (UK)

Dominos pizza vegan review

Domino’s launched its vegan-friendly pizza range in all 1,200 UK stores on 7th September 2020. The range includes vegan pizzas made with vegan dough …

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Dr. Vegan Multivitamin Review

Dr Vegan review

Finding the best vegan multivitamins can be hard. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting all the right vitamins and minerals …

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Best vegan fabric softener UK

vegan fabric softener

I had been vegan for ages before I realised that most supermarket-bought fabric conditioners are made with animal fat. Urgh! I mean, surely even …

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Best vegan laundry detergent UK

choosing vegan laundry detergent

Many supermarket-bought laundry detergents contain nasty hidden ingredients like animal fat. Yuk! Luckily, vegan laundry detergent and vegan fabric softener are readily available to …

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