The Best Vegan Protein Powders: Tried & Tested!

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Want to find the best vegan protein powder in the UK without committing to buying a huge bag? I’m here for you!

I’ve tried and tested all of the most popular vegan protein powders. I paid close attention not just to the taste and texture, but to the ingredients in each vegan protein shake.

best vegan protein shakes UK
The vegan protein powders I tested for this guide

Short on time and want to skip straight to my recommendation? Here it is. Otherwise, read on for a review of each vegan protein brand.


The winner is…

Jrny Energy Boosting Shake

  • Great taste
  • High-quality protein
  • Low price

How I Tested The Best Vegan Protein Powders

At first, I hated vegan protein powder. The chalky, gritty texture made me gag and I struggled to finish a full shake without feeling nauseous.

I read so many lists of the so-called best protein powders and was frustrated that the writers had obviously never tried any of these vegan protein shakes themselves! In most cases, it was clear that hadn’t spent more than five minutes looking into the quality of the ingredients either.

And don’t even get me started on those UK vegan protein powder reviews written by people who live in another country and recommend products that are shipped from the US! Every protein powder in this list is made in the UK.

I made it my mission to try every vegan protein powder I could get my hands on.

Jenni Fielding - Choose Veganism

As well as making the shakes at home and testing them with water, different kinds of plant milk, and in smoothies, I also paid great attention to the ingredients and the packaging.

When testing the shakes, I used the same basic protein shaker every time and shook it for one minute to be fair.

In this guide, I’ve written up my findings in detail to help you find the best vegan protein powder for you. So, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just want the best-tasting protein, you can find that here.

If you click any of the links in this guide and then make a purchase I may make a small commission. But this list will always be 100% honest and unbiased.

A note on price

As prices can change, I’ve included price ranges as cheap, mid-range or expensive.

Generally, vegan protein powder costs from 78p to £2 per serving, depending on how much you buy. You can usually get it cheaper with a discount code, so I’ve included these where I can find them.

Pricing guide:

  • Low = Less than £1 per shake
  • Mid-range =£1 to £2 per shake
  • High = Over £2 per shake

The Best Vegan Protein Powders (in the UK)

Here’s my round-up of the very best vegan protein powders in the UK, based on taste, quality of ingredients, packaging and price.

🏆 Best overall

✅ Protein: 21g  ✅ Calories: 139 ✅ Fat: 0.8g ✅ Carbs: 5.7g ✅ Sugar: 0.2g 

Taste: 9/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea & Hemp Vegan Protein Powder + Vitamins & Minerals

Jrny Energy Boosting Shakes come in handy paper pouches and sachets which are ideal to use when you’re on the go or feeling drained. I love to have some whenever I’m tired and have a sachet on hand to use whenever I want to make up a protein shake somewhere that’s not my home.

Each shake contains iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Electrolyte Complex and Omega 3. So, you could even use this as a vegan meal replacement shake if you wish.

I love the taste of jrny shakes. In fact, these were the first vegan protein powder shakes that I ever tried that I enjoyed the taste of! The chocolate shake tastes like Coco Pops and the vanilla flavour is just the right level of sweetness to taste nice but not sickly.

🏆 Best tasting

Vegan Wondershake

Protein: 21g  ✅ Calories: 89 ✅ Fat: 0.7g ✅ Carbs: 1.3g ✅ Sugar: 0.6g 

Taste: 10/10 | Price: Low | Nutrients: Pea, Soy, Hemp & Brown Rice Protein

Vegan Wondershake by The Protein Works is hands-down the best vegan protein shake I’ve tried. Plus, it’s also the cheapest. Win-win!

Incredibly, this vegan protein shake tastes just like a real dairy milkshake. It’s so creamy that it’s hard to believe it could be vegan, but it is!

Vegan wondershake protein shake in a glass

The Protein Works says that this taste is achieved by the use of their ground-breaking QuadPlant™ technology – an innovative manufacturing process that allows them to blend pea, soy, hemp and brown rice protein until it’s perfectly smooth.

And it really is smooth. When you open the elegant black cardboard container the powder looks incredibly fine and you’re greeted by the lovely chocolatey smell. The Double Chocolate Vegan Wondershake isn’t sickly though – it has more of a biscuity taste, like a Kit Kat. If chocolate isn’t for you, there are 12 more flavours to choose from.

Vegan Wondershake powder and scoop

Vegan Wondershake is really quick and easy to make. You can use water, but for a really indulgent treat, it’s lovely with oat milk too. The scoop has a nice long handle so you can reach the bottom of the tub.

With just 89 calories and 25g of protein in each serving, this protein powder has the best protein-to-calorie ratio, making it ideal for weight loss. Plus, with four kinds of plant protein, your muscle-building gains will benefit from the full amino acid profile.


  • Low price
  • Best tasting
  • 13 flavours to choose from
  • Lifetime guarantee – If you don’t like it you get your money back


  • Contains soy

🏆 Best for women

Protein: 20g  ✅ Calories: 118 ✅ Fat: 2.4g ✅ Carbs: 5.8g ✅ Sugar: 0.7g 

Taste: 8/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea & White Hemp Protein + Vitamins & Minerals

Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend is made especially for women. Now I’m certainly not one to pay extra for pink razors or other “women’s” products (I think those are ridiculous!), but with a protein shake, this actually makes sense.

You see, Free Soul contains a blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that’s tailored to support the female hormone balance. So as well as increasing the protein in your diet, you can also benefit your skin, hair, nails, bone health and energy levels.

I noticed my nails were longer than ever while I was using this protein powder every day!

Free Soul Powder

I found that Free Soul vegan protein shakes are really easy to mix into a delightfully smooth texture with no lumps.

You don’t get a scoop included, so you have the problem of not knowing whether your ‘heaped tablespoon’ is the right amount of heaped or not. I suggest weighing the powder for the most accurate serving.

The strawberries and cream flavour is absolutely delicious to drink on its own. The vanilla flavour would be ideal to add to smoothies or oats. You can also get chocolate or salted caramel shakes.

Read my Full Free Soul Review.


  • Contains vitamins
  • Tastes great
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Not certified as vegan
  • Hard to measure with no scoop

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🏆 Best unflavoured

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

Protein: 20g  ✅ Calories: 128 ✅ Fat: 2.0g ✅ Carbs: 2.7g ✅ Sugar: 0.5g 

Taste: 5/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea, Rice, Pumpkin & Sunflower Protein + Superfoods

If you don’t care too much about taste and having a range of favours, but instead prefer vegan protein powder that’s super healthy, then Amazing Grass Protein Superfood is for you.

As well as having 20g of plant-based protein, this shake has added superfoods like wheatgrass, alfalfa, spinach, acai, spirulina and more. The protein comes from four different plant sources, so you can be sure that you’re benefitting from the full range of amino acids.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

This protein powder is definitely made for those of us who like to chug it back. You certainly won’t want to sip it like a milkshake as you can with the Vegan Wondershake. It blends to become really smooth without the need for a blender, but you may find that the taste repeats on you later.

Of course, you don’t need to have it as a shake. I think that this unflavored protein is best for adding to your baking, morning porridge or soups.

It comes in a plastic tub, which isn’t ideal, although it is recycled and recyclable. Annoyingly, although most of the text on the packaging is in English, the bit that tells you how to mix it is only in German and French! If you’re not familiar with those languages, I’ll help you out, you need to use two scoops rather than one.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

If plain protein isn’t your thing, there’s also a chocolate flavour to try that has all of the same health benefits.

For anyone looking for a high-quality plant-based protein powder that also has the benefits of added nutrients from fruit and veg, I’d recommend that you give this one a go.


  • Contains superfoods
  • Organic protein
  • Certified by The Vegan Society
  • Gluten Free
  • Recycled packaging


  • Not the best taste
  • Annoying packaging

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🏆 Best for weight loss

MyVegan Clear Vegan Protein

Protein: 10g  ✅ Calories: 48 ✅ Fat: 0g ✅ Carbs: 1.7g ✅ Sugar: 0.8g 

Taste: 8/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea Protein

I was very intrigued by MyVegan Clear Protein, especially as I’m not a huge fan of milkshakes. So I tried two different flavours of this fruity-flavoured clear protein and I’m very impressed!

The watermelon flavour smells like sweets and tastes just like Jolly Ranchers – remember those? I like to drink this instead of cordial while I work.

I also tried the raspberry mojito flavour. I can report that it tastes exactly like a raspberry mojito. Serve it over ice with some mint leaves and you would have no idea that it’s not the real deal.

Clear vegan protein

One thing that I didn’t like about this protein was the packaging. MyProtein claims to be plastic neutral as the company donates to programs that will collect and recycle as much plastic waste from the environment as is used in packaging.

However, the chunky plastic container was only half full. I get it, powders will settle during transit, but I really don’t think that the tub needs to be so large. If it were delivered in a paper pouch, you could surely fit three or four times as much in each lorry?

Also, you have to use one and a half scoops which is really annoying! Why not make the scoop bigger? The scoop is a funny shape too, so it’s not easy to measure a half scoop with any accuracy.

MyVegan clear protein powder contains only 10g of protein per serving, which is around half of what you get with standard protein powder. It does have only 48 calories though, making it ideal for anyone on a calorie-controlled diet.

I love that this protein powder has added vitamins too. Each serving has 50% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin.

If you’re not a fan of creamy protein shakes and want to try something more fruity, then MyVegan clear protein powder is for you.


  • Tastes great
  • Under 50 calories
  • Contains vitamins
  • 9 flavours to choose from
  • Certified by The Vegan Society


  • Only one kind of protein
  • Annoying packaging

🏆 Best for bodybuilding

Neat nutrition vegan protein

Protein: 26g  ✅ Calories: 131 ✅ Fat: 2.1g ✅ Carbs: 1.3g ✅ Sugar: 0.1g 

Taste: 5/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Hemp & Pea Protein

If you want plain, simple vegan protein powder, then Neat Nutrition offers just that. In fact, this protein powder has just five ingredients – pea protein, hemp protein, natural flavouring, thickener and sweetener.

Each serving has a generous 26g of protein, yet this is also one of the lowest carb and lowest sugar protein powders on the market.

Neat nutrition vegan protein on spoon

Neat Nutrition protein powder comes in a brown paper bag and the company has stated that every element of its packaging is fully recyclable.

For this reason, you won’t get a plastic scoop in your bag. Instead, you’re encouraged to measure the powder with four rounded tablespoons (or nine teaspoons).

I found measuring protein powder with a spoon to be very tricky. I mean, just how rounded is rounded? In the end, I found weighing out each serving to be more accurate.

This powder can be a little tricky to mix, so unless you have a really great shaker or blender, you might find some clumps in the bottom.

Neat Nutrition protein in glass

I found that the vanilla flavour powder didn’t taste of much at all. So, while I wouldn’t enjoy drinking it on its own, this protein would be perfect to add to smoothies, porridge, overnight oats, or homemade protein bars.


  • Perfect for smoothies or oats
  • 35g of protein per serving
  • Paper packaging
  • Certified by The Vegan Society


  • Only vanilla or chocolate flavours
  • Hard to measure with no scoop

🏆 Best for on the go

BOXD sachets

Protein: 21g  ✅ Calories: 139 ✅ Fat: 0.8g ✅ Carbs: 5.7g ✅ Sugar: 0.2g 

Taste: 9/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea & Hemp Protein + Vitamins & Minerals

BOXD protein shakes come in handy paper sachets which are ideal to use when you’re on the go. I love to have some of these on hand to use whenever I want to make up a protein shake somewhere that’s not my home.

Even at home, the sachets are so much easier to use than a scoop and there’s no mess to clean up!

As well as a decent 21g serving of protein, each BOXD shake also includes lots of vitamins and minerals to give your body a boost.

Each shake contains iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Electrolyte Complex and Omega 3. So, you could even use this as a vegan meal replacement shake if you wish.

BOXD shakes in glasses

I love the taste of BOXD shakes. In fact, these were the first protein shakes that I ever tried that I enjoyed the taste of! The chocolate shake tastes like Coco Pops and the vanilla flavour is just the right level of sweetness to taste nice but not sickly.

Read my full BOXD review.


  • Tastes great
  • Pre-measured sachets
  • Eco-friendly paper packaging
  • Contains vitamins


  • Only vanilla or chocolate flavours
  • Not certified as vegan

MyVegan Protein Blend

Protein: 22g  ✅ Calories: 110 ✅ Fat: 0.6g ✅ Carbs: 4.1g ✅ Sugar: 0.1g 

Taste: 6/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea & Fava Bean Protein

MyVegan protein blend has been reformulated recently for an improved taste and texture. I tried the strawberry flavour and the blueberry and cinnamon flavour and agree that the taste is great, although, in my opinion, there’s still a slightly chalky aftertaste.

The scoop that came with this protein powder was huge. It was tricky to scoop it from the small bag. When I read the instructions it said to use 3/4 of a scoop. Why?? Surely they should just give you the right-sized scoop to begin with?

I really dislike the packaging for this protein powder. Firstly, it’s non-recyclable plastic, and that just doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Secondly, it’s impossible to close. I faffed around for ages trying to get the resealable pouch to stay shut and it just wouldn’t so I had to use a bag clip.

Despite the packaging gripes, MyVegan protein is alright. It’s cheap enough, low in calories and it comes in nine flavours.

MyVegan offers sample sizes, which are a great way to try unusual flavours like carrot cake or turmeric latte without committing to a large bag.


  • 9 flavours to choose from
  • Sample sizes available


  • Annoying packaging
  • Not certified as vegan

Form Performance Protein

Protein: 30g  ✅ Calories: 154 ✅ Fat: 2.9g ✅ Carbs: 2.0g ✅ Sugar: 0.1g 

Taste: 6/10 | Price: High | Nutrients: Pea, Brown Rice & Hemp Protein

Form protein powder is the most expensive of all the protein shakes that I tried. But is it the best? Well for some people, it will be.

Each serving contains a generous 30g of protein, which is around 10g more than you’d get in the average protein shake. So while you might want to take protein twice per day with some other brands, with Form you’re more likely to find that one shake per day is enough.

As well as a blend of organic pea, brown rice and hemp proteins, each shake also contains curcumin, black pepper extract and 5g of BCAAs. These should boost your after-workout recovery, muscle growth, absorption of nutrients and immunity.

I only tried a sample sachet of this protein that I got free at the Vegan Campout festival, but it usually comes in a large compostable pouch. You won’t get a scoop, so use tablespoons or scales to measure each serving.

Form vanilla protein in a glass

I found Form protein to be very frothy, which may be a turn-off for some. If you don’t like foam, you’ll probably want to wait a few minutes before drinking it. Or use plant milk instead of water for a less foamy shake.

The vanilla flavour was very smooth and creamy. It had quite a strong vanilla taste so was far from plain. You won’t find the standard chocolate or strawberry flavours, but if you like something fancy there’s banoffee, chocolate peanut and even tiramisu flavours to choose from.

Form is a certified B-Corp – this means that the brand meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance.


  • Most protein per serving
  • Contains extra nutrients
  • Compostable packaging
  • Certified B-Corp


  • More expensive than others
  • Not certified as vegan

How To Choose The Best Vegan Protein Powder

There are lots of things to look out for when choosing vegan protein. What’s the best vegan protein supplement for one person might not be the best for the next, depending on your body and your goals.

What should I look out for when choosing a vegan protein supplement?

The three main things to look out for in vegan protein are:

  1. Ingredients – Look for complete proteins with no unnatural additives or sugar
  2. Taste – You’ll want a smooth texture with no grittiness or chalkiness in a flavour you like
  3. Packaging – Recyclable or compostable packaging is best for the environment

Vegan accreditation

Not all plant-based protein powders are suitable for vegans. Occasionally, these may contain extra ingredients like honey or vitamin D that’s made with lanolin (the grease from sheep’s wool).

Every protein powder in this guide is vegan-friendly, but with any others, you’ll want to look for the words ‘suitable for vegans’ on the packaging.

Many protein supplements carry the vegan trademark. This shows that the product has been accredited by The Vegan Society as having no animal ingredients, no contamination with animal products and no animal testing.

Vegan trademark
The Vegan Trademark from The Vegan Society

If a product doesn’t carry the vegan trademark, this doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for vegans. All it means is that the company hasn’t applied for the vegan accreditation necessary to use the Vegan Society’s logo.

The different plant-based proteins

Vegan protein powders may be made from a single plant protein or a combination of different ones.

The most common plant-based protein that you’ll find in protein shakes are:

  • Pea
  • Hemp
  • Soy
  • Brown rice
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Sunflower seed
  • Chia seed

Some people argue that whey protein is better because plant proteins aren’t complete – meaning that they are missing at least one of the nine essential amino acids.

Amino acid diagram

While it is true that no single plant-based protein offers a complete amino acid profile, this is easily remedied by choosing a vegan protein powder that contains more than one type of plant-based protein.

When different plant protein sources are combined (such as pea and hemp), it’s possible to create the same complete amino acid profile that you get from animal protein.

So, you should either look out for protein powders that contain more than one source of protein, or, make sure that you eat lots of vegetables, beans and legumes to add any missing amino acids to your diet.

Vegan protein sources
Vegan protein sources

Which vegan protein sources are best?

Pea protein is widely accepted as the best protein powder for vegans because it’s rich in essential brand-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which stimulate muscle growth. It is a complete protein, meaning that just like whey, it has all nine essential amino acids.

Studies have also shown that pea protein may promote feelings of fullness, which can help with weight loss.

Another great vegan protein source that is often used in combination with pea protein is hemp protein. This comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant, but as it contains only trace elements of THC, there’s no chance it will get you high.

Hemp protein is a great source of dietary fibre as well as iron, zinc, magnesium and omega 3. However, as it’s not a complete protein, it’s best used in combination with other protein sources.

Tips for using vegan protein powder

How much protein do vegans need?

According to the NHS, the daily recommended intake of protein is 55.5g for men and 45 g for women. This includes protein from all foods as well as any supplements like protein shakes.

Those aiming to increase muscle mass may benefit from consuming slightly more than this. A common recommendation is to consume 2.3 grams of protein per kg of body weight during short-term weight loss.

However, the Department of Health advises adults to avoid consuming more than twice the recommended daily intake of protein. So men shouldn’t take more than 111g and women should not have more than 90g per day in the long term.

To help you to work out how much protein you should consume based on your sex, age weight, activity level and goals, take a look at this Protein Calculator Tool.

How often to use vegan protein powder

The optimum frequency to use vegan protein powder depends on your diet and how much exercise you do.

You may wish to take a look at how much protein you get from food and supplement with powder as necessary.

It’s safe to take vegan protein supplements every day, and some people have two protein shakes per day.

If you’re using protein shakes when you don’t have time to eat meals, you may be better with a vegan meal replacement shake as this contains extra nutrients and calories to keep you fuller for longer.

When to take plant-based protein powder

The best times to take vegan protein powder are:

  1. Breakfast – Add a scoop of protein powder to your morning oats, pancakes or smoothie
  2. Before working out – Don’t train when you’re hungry. A protein shake will give you the energy you need to perform at your best
  3. After working out – Taking protein 30 to 60 minutes after a workout is the best time to promote muscle recovery and synthesis
  4. In snacks – Add protein to brownies, cookies and cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way

How to take vegan protein

Mixing up a protein shake using a shaker is the most common way to take vegan protein. You may use water or your favourite plant milk, whether that be oat, soy, almond, rice, hemp or something else.

If like me, you don’t fancy something akin to a milkshake first thing in the morning, there are many other ways you can take vegan protein.

You could add protein powder to fresh or frozen fruit and use a blender to whizz it up into a smoothie. Vegan chocolate protein waffles are a luxurious yet surprisingly healthy breakfast option.

Strawberry protein smoothie

Another great option is to add protein powder to your oats or porridge. You’ll find lots of great recipes online.

If you enjoy baking, why not make some vegan protein brownies using chocolate protein powder? You could even add protein powder to homemade soup – unflavoured powder works best for this.

If you don’t already have a good protein shaker at home, here are the ones I recommend…


Neat Nutrition Shaker


Free Soul Steel Shaker


VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker

If your chosen protein powder doesn’t come with a scoop, I recommend using these digital kitchen scales.

Frequently Asked Questions about vegan protein powder

Why is plant protein better than animal protein?

Plant-based protein powders deliver the same results as animal proteins, but they’re better for the environment and no cruelty to animals is needed.

A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that brown rice had similar results to whey protein when used to promote muscle growth with resistance training.

Is plant protein harder to digest?

Plant proteins are generally hard to digest than animal proteins. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A longer digestion process may help you to feel fuller for longer, which can aid those trying to lose weight.

Digesting protein more slowly can also reduce the absorption time of carbohydrates, which in turn can help to keep blood sugar levels regular.

Why is vegan protein powder more expensive?

Vegan protein is more expensive than whey protein made from real food before it’s turned into powder. Whey is usually a waste product that’s leftover from cheese making and would otherwise be disposed of.

Also, because there are still more omnivores than vegans, there’s a bigger demand for whey protein powder. It can therefore be made in bulk, which makes it cheaper to manufacture.

Many omnivores and vegetarians assume that something marketed as vegan isn’t for them. In reality, plant-based protein powder could be the best option for most people.

Can you build muscle with vegan protein powder?

You can absolutely build muscle with vegan protein powder. As long as you’re using high-quality protein with the full amino acid profile, you will have no problems with bulking up on vegan protein.

Does vegan protein powder make you gain weight?

Any protein powder can make you gain weight, whether it’s plant-based or animal-based. Weight gain is down to overconsuming calories. If you consume more than you burn, you will gain weight.

If you take vegan protein powders in addition to resistance exercise, the weight that you gain should come from muscle growth, rather than excess fat.

Is vegan protein good for weight loss?

Vegan protein is great for weight loss because it helps to keep you fuller for longer than animal protein sources.

If you’re looking to lose weight, look for vegan proteins that have added vitamins and minerals. You can use these to replace meals or snacks while ensuring that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs for optimum health.

Does vegan protein make you fart?

Some protein powders contain additives that can increase flatulence in some people. These include artificial sweeteners like sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol.

While both whey protein and vegan protein can make you fart, the smell from whey protein farts is often much worse. This is because animal proteins contain sulfur, which creates a strong, eggy smell.

The bottom line

When it comes to protein powder for vegans, the offerings keep getting better and better. No longer do we need to chug down gritty, artificial-tasting protein shakes. Some of these new vegan protein powders taste smoother and creamier than dairy!

If you’re looking for the best vegan protein shake, I would recommend Vegan Wondershake. The double chocolate flavour is absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try the other 12 flavours!

Vegan Wondershake just happens to be the cheapest protein shake in this list as well as the best tasting.

Vegan wondershake

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