Gousto Vegan Recipes: What you need to know!

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Gousto offers one of the best vegan recipe boxes in the UK. Each week, vegan, veggies and plant-based people can choose from a fantastic selection of dishes to cook at home.

But how does Gousto work for vegans? And is it worth it? Read on for everything you need to know before ordering Gousto vegan recipe kits…

Gousto vegan meal
Photo: Gousto

Does Gousto do vegan?

Gousto is a great option for vegans looking for a recipe box delivery service. Gousto has a substantial vegan menu with a large choice of nutritious and protein-rich vegan options.

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Does Gousto do vegan and gluten-free?

Following a diet that’s both vegan and gluten-free can be tricky, but Gousto has you covered. 

You can easily find recipes that are both vegan and gluten-free by looking in Gousto’s gluten-free section. Look out for any that are marked with a (V) for vegetarian and then look at the allergens to check that there is no eggs or dairy present. You should find a decent choice each week.

Is Gousto good for vegans?

I tried Gousto’s plant-based recipe boxes and I loved them! Read my Gousto vegan box review to see what I cooked and what I thought of the recipes, the ingredients and the packaging.

How to order vegan recipes from Gousto

To find the vegan recipes on the Gousto menu, you’ll need to scroll across the top where it says All Recipes until you reach the Plant-Based tab. All of Gousto’s plant-based recipes are completely free from animal ingredients and are suitable for vegans. 

If you find yourself in the Gousto Cookbook section of the website, there are sections for ‘plant-based recipes’, ‘dairy free recipes’ and ‘vegan recipes’. Be aware that some of the recipes in the ‘plant-based’ section here contain dairy and some of the ‘dairy free’ recipes contain meat. If you’re browsing here, be sure to select ‘vegan recipes’ to find what you need.

The best of Gousto’s vegan menu 

Gousto’s vegan section features a whopping 126 vegan dishes! Of course, not all of these are available every week, as Gousto’s weekly menu is ever-changing.

At any one time, you can expect to see around seven different vegan recipes on the Gousto website. This gives you plenty of choice for your weekly delivery which can contain up to four recipes.

Here are five of the most popular Gousto vegan recipes to try…

1. Gousto vegan burger

Gousto vegan burger
Photo: Gousto

Gousto’s ultimate vegan stack burger has caused quite a stir since it was launched in 2019. Vegans can’t get enough of this extra-juice vegan patty which you top with melty vegan cheese, a homemade potato rosti, balsamic onions, gem lettuce, ketchup and mayo.

2. Gousto vegan carbonara

Gousto vegan carbonara
Photo: Gousto

This is no ordinary carbonara. Gousto’s plant-based spaghetti carbonara is made with meat-free bacon, soy cream and miso paste. Rich, smoky and oh-so-creamy, you’ll want to make this dish again and again.

3. Gousto vegan Christmas dinner

Gousto vegan Christmas dinner
Photo: Gousto

When Christmastime rolls around, you’ll certainly want to come back and order this incredibly easy-to-make vegan Christmas dinner. If you struggle with timings when cooking your meat alternative, roast potatoes, stuffing balls and veg then let Gousto come to the rescue with its easy-to-follow festive vegan recipe kit.

4. Gousto vegan curry

Gousto vegan curry
Photo: Gousto

Gousto has a huge range of vegan curry dishes to choose from, including Thai green vegetable curry, Sri Lankan coconut dal and Japanese Aubergine Yasi curry. Look out for this Thai aubergine curry with sticky rice. It’s a Gousto vegan favourite that’s ready in just 20 minutes.

5. Gousto vegan chilli

Gousto vegan chilli
Photo: Gousto

Gousto’s plant-based ‘chilli non carne’ is one of the many Mexican-inspired dishes on offer in Gousto’s vegan meal kits. This rich chilli is made with black beans, tomaoes and peppers, served on a baked sweet potato and topped with homemade guacamole.

FAQs about Gousto vegan recipes

What vegan burgers do Gousto use?

Gousto vegan burgers are Gousto’s own blend which is made bespoke. You cannot buy the same vegan burger patties anywhere else.

Who makes Gousto vegan burgers?

Gousto does not share any information about which company makes Gousto vegan burgers, only that they are made bespoke. However, Gousto sausages and mince are made by Meatless Farms and Gousto bacon is made by THIS.

Does Gousto use wool packaging?

Gousto does not use sheep’s wool or any other animal-derived ingredients as packaging. Previously, the company did use wool insulation, but now, all of the packaging is vegan-friendly.

Is Gousto the best vegan recipe box?

Gousto is certainly one of the best vegan recipe boxes you can get delivered in the UK. As well as getting fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, Gousto also works out cheaper than any of the top vegan food delivery options.

Gousto vegan boxes can work out at less than £3 per serving. Plus, with this offer you save 60% on your first box and 30% off all boxes in your first month, bringing the cost down to as little as £1.19 per portion. That’s unbeatable value!

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