12 Best Vegan Slippers for Cosy & Cruelty-Free Toes

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Many slippers are not vegan-friendly as they are made from animal products such as fur, sheepskin, suede and wool, joined together with glues that are made from bones. As some of these materials cause the death of sheep or cows, vegetarians, as well as vegans, should take care when choosing ethical footwear.

It’s possible to find comfortable cruelty-free vegan slippers that don’t cause any harm to animals if you know what to look out for. In this guide, I’ve picked out the very best vegan-friendly slippers for men and women.

The best vegan slippers are made from man-made materials such as faux fur, microsuede and polyester fleece. Some eco-friendly and sustainable slippers are even made from recycled plastic bottles and rubber from old car tyres.

Finding vegan-friendly slippers can be tricky as it’s not always obvious whether slippers are made from animals or not. That’s why I’ve created this guide to finding the best vegan slippers to buy in the UK.

I’ve spent many hours scouring the internet looking for the best cruelty-free slippers for men and women. I’ve read all of the reviews to draw up this shortlist of comfortable, fashionable and ethical vegan house slippers that will keep your toes warm all year round…

Best Unisex Vegan Slippers

First, let’s take a look at the best vegan slippers that are suitable for both men and women. These all come in a variety of colours and sizes that will suit everyone.

1. Gumbies

⭐ Best sustainable

If you’re concerned about the carbon footprint of slippers that are likely to end up in landfills in a year or two, you’ll be pleased to know that these sustainable vegan slippers are made using recycled materials.

These vegan felt slippers are made using 100% recycled polyester which comes from old plastic bottles, while the non-slip rubber soles are made from recycled car tyres.

Perfect for eco-conscious men and women alike, these unisex slippers come in a wide choice of colours. So, if you’re planning to buy these vegan slippers as a gift for your other half, why not get a pair for yourself too?

UK Size: 3 to 12

Colours: Charcoal Red, Charcoal Turquoise, Navy Pink, Grey Pink, Grey Purple, Navy Grey, Spangles


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • Rigid soles
  • Not as soft as some others

⭐ Best for summer

Pillow slides

These Pillow Slides are the most comfortable slippers I’ve ever owned. I love them and would recommend them to anyone – men and women alike. The soles are so thick and spongy it really does feel like I’m walking on air.

I can wear these all year round, with or without socks. As they’re super soft they never rub or chafe. You can even wear them outdoors without looking like you’re wearing slippers.

Note that the website has US sizes so if you’re in the UK, you’ll need to use a shoe size conversion chart to find your size.

UK Size: 3.5 to 11

Colours: Oat Latte, Ocean Blue, Pink, Black


  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Waterproof for stepping outdoors
  • Non-slip
  • Lightweight


  • Need socks in winter
  • Can shrink if you leave them in the sun

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3. Komfies

⭐ Best for winter


The perfect vegan-friendly slippers for winter, Komfies are heated slippers with removable clay inserts that stay warm for up to 30 minutes. Just pop the inserts in the microwave, zip them into the slippers and you’ll be super warm and cosy.

These slippers can provide pain relief for people with arthritis, diabetes or poor circulation. They have non-slip soles so are safe and comfortable to walk in.

UK Size: S to XL

Colours: Grey or Pink


  • Stay warm for 30 minutes
  • Easy to heat in microwave
  • Improves circulation in feet


  • Only two sizes
  • Not waterproof

4. Kowayi

These stylish vegan slippers are ideal for younger men who are turned off by the idea of ‘grandad slippers’. They come in lots of different colours, as well as some smaller sizes that would fit boys or women.

Made from soft, elasticated fabric, these slippers grip your feet yet are easy to put on and take off. The toe cap is solid to protect your toes from knocks and bumps.

If you don’t like bulky slippers, you’ll love these lightweight slippers which are as comfortable as wearing socks, but with a water-resistant non-slip sole.

UK Size: 3.5 to 13

Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Black Grey, Pink, Blue Grey, Light Pink


  • Super lightweight
  • Stylish look
  • Soft and flexible


  • Not machine washable

Best Men’s Vegan Slippers

Next, let’s dive straight into the list of the best vegan men’s slippers. These would be great gifts to buy for your husband, boyfriend, son, brother, dad or grandad.

⭐ Best men’s slippers

The best vegan slippers for men are, without a doubt, these vegan moccasin slippers from RockDove. These warm and cosy vegan slippers are thickly lined with faux shearling on top of a memory foam midsole, with an anti-skid rubber outsole.

These slippers are top quality. Stitched together rather than glued, they are extremely durable and should look good for years to come.

These vegan sheepskin slippers are ideal for anyone who prefers not to wear socks as the lining is so soft and fuzzy. The moisture-wicking interior will keep sweaty feet at bay and these slippers are also machine washable.

Should you need to step outside to take out the bins, your feet will stay dry thanks to the waterproof rubber sole.

UK Sizes: 7 to 12

Colours: Black, Charcoal, Emerald, Mocha


  • Warm and cosy
  • Super comfortable
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors
  • Memory foam arch support


  • Takes a few hours to break in

2. Dunlop

⭐ Best under £15

If you don’t like to spend a lot of money on slippers, then these faux fleece vegan slippers are great value for money.

Made in the classic slip-on style with a low back heel, these slippers are made with high-density memory foam which will mould to your feet to make it feel as though you’re walking on pillows. The waterproof rubber sole will keep you safe on wet and slippery surfaces.

These slippers are cosy enough to keep your feet toasty, yet breathable so your feet won’t feel sweaty. They’re also machine washable.

While these slippers may not last as long as some of the more expensive brands, they’re a good cheap option for anyone who has only a small budget.

UK Size: 7 to 13

Colours: 22 colours to choose from!


  • Great price
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Memory foam
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors
  • Huge choice of colours


  • Not so supportive
  • Won’t last as long as more expensive slippers

When it comes to comfortable footwear, Sketchers are one of the world’s leading brands so you can be sure of comfort and quality with these Sketchers men’s slippers.

Made from 100% man-made materials, these vegan slippers have a microfibre suede-look upper and a soft faux fur interior. Designed for a roomy fit, these slippers have a full-length shock absorbing memory foam insole.

With a sturdy rubber sole, these men’s slippers are stylish enough that you could even pop to the shops in them and nobody would notice.

UK Size: 6 to 13

Colours: Tan, Black


  • Top-quality
  • Super comfortable memory foam
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • Not machine washable
  • Not suitable for narrow feet

Best Women’s Vegan Slippers

Now let’s take a look at the best slippers for vegan women. Some of these women’s slippers go up to a UK size 10, which are great for ladies with feet of all sizes. These would make a great gift for your mum, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend.

⭐ Best women’s slippers

The best vegan slippers for women are, without a doubt, these super-comfortable Sketchers slippers.

Made with a cable knitted vegan faux wool fabric and soft faux fur lining, these cruelty-free slippers are sure to keep your feet warm and cosy. They’re so well made and durable that you can expect them to last at least a couple of years before they need to be replaced.

These women’s slippers have a solid rubber sole which means that stepping into the street to put the bins out will be no problem at all.

If you want super comfortable and stylish vegan slippers that will look great for years to come, you won’t find better than these Sketchers slippers. They come in half sizes and a choice or standard or wide widths for the perfect fit.

UK Size: 2 to 8

Colours: Charcoal, Natural, Black, Chocolate, Chestnut, Grey Charcoal, Black Grey


  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Half sizes for a perfect fit
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors
  • Skechers donates new shoes to children in need


  • Solid sole

⭐ Best under £20

If you don’t have the budget for Sketchers slippers, then these vegan fur slippers from RockDove are the next best thing.

Warm and comfortable, these vegan moccasin slippers are lined with soft and plush faux fur. They have a memory foam insole that makes you feel as though you’re walking on air.

The waterproof rubber sole means that you don’t always need to change shoes when stepping outside. Unlike real suede slippers, these vegan suede slippers can be thrown in the washing machine when they get dirty.

UK Size: 3 to 10

Colours: Dove Grey, Chestnut, Ruby, Coffee


  • Great price
  • Warm and cosy faux fur lining
  • Memory foam insole
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • Sizing not so accurate

These vegan ballet-style house shoes are super-comfortable thanks to the cosy terry cloth lining and high-density memory foam insoles.

Perfect for summer as well as winter, these slippers are made from breathable cotton. They’re super soft and foldable, yet the waterproof outsole means that you can step outdoors in them if you wish.

As these shoes are stretchy and made from memory foam, it’s normal for them to feel tight at first until they adjust to your feet.

UK Size: 3 to 10

Colours: Black, Grey, Pink


  • Cute and stylish
  • Super comfortable
  • Memory foam insole
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • May take a couple of days to break in

4. LongBay

Perfect for winter, these cosy vegan slipper boots will give your tired feet a hug. They’re made from chenille, which is the French word for caterpillar as it’s meant to look and feel like caterpillar fur. However, you’ll be pleased to know that no caterpillars (or other animals) were harmed in the making of these 100% vegan slipper boots.

More supportive than other slipper boots, these ones have a memory foam insole and ergonomic arch support.

The non-slip rubber sole makes these boots suitable for indoor or outdoor wear. If they get dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine.

UK Size: 3 to 10

Colours: Red, Black, Grey, Pink


  • Warm and cosy
  • Memory foam insole
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • Too warm for summer

Say goodbye to granny slippers with these super cute faux fur slippers which are great for anyone who likes to create a statement. You can get them in lots of different colours and patterns – the leopard print slippers are especially cool.

The vegan-friendly faux fur on these slippers is so soft and cosy on your bare feet, while the open toe design lets your feet breathe.

The elasticated strap on these vegan slippers will keep them on your feet, while the non-slip rubber soles mean that you can wear them outside if you wish.

UK Size: 2 to 8

Colours: Red, Black, Brown Leopard, White Leopard, Pink Leopard, Grey, Pink, Rainbow, White


  • Fashionable design
  • Lets your feet breathe
  • Waterproof sole for stepping outdoors


  • Not suitable for narrow feet

How to Choose the Best Vegan Slippers

When you’re shopping for vegan slippers, your goal will be to find the most comfortable and stylish slippers, without any animal materials such as fur, wool, suede, leather or silk.

Vegan Materials

Here are some materials to look out for when shopping for vegan slippers:

  • Polyester: An cruelty-free and vegan alternative to sheepskin, polyester fleece is a synthetic fabric that also does a better job of repelling moisture than animal fleece. It can sometimes be made from recycled plastic.
  • Vegan felt: Traditionally, felt is made from wool and animal fur. Synthetic felt, however, is made from man-made fibres like polyester and acrylic.
  • Vegan chenille: Chenille may be made from silk and wool. Look out for vegan-friendly chenille that’s made from cotton or synthetic fibres.
  • Microsuede: Suede is a type of leather that’s made from the underside of an animal’s skin. Microsuede, on the other hand, is man-made from polyester.
  • Cotton: Woll isn’t vegan as it comes from sheep, but vegan wool alternatives made from cotton can be used instead.
  • Rubber: Often used for the soles of slippers, rubber comes from the rubber tree and is vegan.
vegan slippers


Buying slippers that fit well can be tricky when you’re shopping online. It’s a good idea to read the reviews to see if other people have found them to be larger or smaller than their usual size.

Many slippers come in single or half sizes. However, sometimes, you might see sizes like 5/6 or 7/8. So where one brand might offer sizes 5, 5.5, 6 and 6.5, another slipper brand might only produce a 5/6 size to cover all of these.

If you have foot problems, backache or are unsteady on your feet, it’s worth investing in some high-quality slippers with high backs and non-slip rubber soles.

Vegan Slipper Brands

Many of the most popular slipper brands are not suitable for vegans as they are made from animal skins, fleeces and furs.

Are UGG slippers vegan?

UGG slippers are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as they are made from sheepskin, leather and suede. Vegans who like the look of UGG slippers should seek out slipped made by other brands that use man-made fabrics instead.

Does UGG have anything vegan?

UGG does, however, make some plant-based outdoor shoes that are made from hemp or sugarcane. However, if you’re vegan then you may want to consider carefully whether you wish to support a company that makes most of its money from the slaughter of sheep.

Do they kill sheep for UGGs?

UGG boots are made of shearling, which is sheep’s fleece with the skin still attached. All UGGs are made from the skin of dead sheep. So, yes, sheep are killed to make UGGs.

Some people believe that sheep are skinned alive to make UGG boots. This is a myth. The sheep are killed first, then the skin is removed. Dead sheep don’t fight back, so it makes sense to kill them first.

As well as making boots and slippers, the rest of the sheep aside from the skin may be used to make all kinds of things such as sausage casings, tennis racquet strings, paints and solvents. Adult sheep usually aren’t used for meat.

Are TOMS slippers vegan?

Some TOMS slippers are vegan-friendly and some are not. Some TOMS slippers are made from suede which comes from an animal’s skin. You can get vegan TOMS, however. These are made from textiles and faux shearling.

Are LongBay slippers vegan?

LongBay slippers are vegan-friendly. The company uses materials like faux fur, suedette and chenille that are all man-made.

Are RockDove slippers vegan?

All RockDove slippers are vegan friendly and are made using 100% vegan materials like faux fur, faux shearling and faux leather. Slippers soles are made from thermoplastic rubber.

slippers for men and women

The Best Vegan Slippers

Whether you’re looking for vegan alternatives to UGG slippers, a pair of faux suede moccasin slippers or some cosy ballet slippers to keep your feet warm in the winter, I hope that you’ll have found something to suit in this list.

Personally, I love my Pillow Slides and wear them all year round. Be sure to use code CHOOSEVEGANISM if you’d like 15% off.

When those wear out, I plan to buy a pair of Gumbies as I love that they’re sustainably made from recycled materials.

Other great vegan slipper brands for men and women include Sketchers and RockDove. Both of these are available to buy on Amazon, so it’s worth having a look at what other styles they have available aside from the ones featured here.

It’s important to bear in mind that not all house slippers are vegan friendly, but when you know what to look out for, finding decent vegan footwear becomes much easier.

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