The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet Review

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I tested The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet. In this detailed and honest review, I’ll give you all of the info to help you decide whether this is the right duvet for you to buy…

vegan down duvet

As a vegan and also an allergy-sufferer, I’ve always had synthetic duvets at home. I have, however, experienced feather duvets occasionally when staying in holiday cottages or at friends’ houses.

I’ve always found that the thought of feathers being violently ripped from the bodies of live ducks and geese has prevented me from getting any enjoyment whatsoever from the feeling of a real down duvet.

So, I was very keen to try out a vegan down duvet. This duvet, from The Fine Bedding Company, promised the feel of natural down without any animal components or derivatives. But was it as good as the real thing? Honestly, it was so much better!

Vegan Down Duvet

Jenni Fielding



The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet is the most comfortable duvet I’ve ever had. It’s silky soft and keeps me warm despite feeling very light. I would definitely recommend this duvet. It’s a little pricey, but worth every penny.


About The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet

In my opinion, The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet feels so much nicer than either a feather duvet or a synthetic hollow fibre duvet. It’s soft, fluffy, light, and hugs the contours of your body while you sleep.

I often have problems with night sweats, waking up boiling hot and soaked with sweat in the middle of the night, despite the room being cool. However, since I started using this vegan down duvet I haven’t experienced the problem once. I expect that this is because the duvet allows air to flow through, keeping you warm but preventing you from overheating.

vegan duvet

What is vegan down made of?

The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet is filled with Smartfil. This is a synthetic fibre that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Vegan down duvets filled with Smartfil have a similar feeling to real duck or goose down with many extra advantages.

The advantages of vegan down versus feathers

No animals are harmed for vegan down

If you’ve ever watched a video of geese being plucked alive, their feathers yanked out so hard that their skin is left with bloody gaping wounds, then you’ll have seen how abhorrent this practice is. And it happens every six weeks until the birds are eventually killed for meat or foie gras.

Vegan down is hypoallergenic

Synthetic down is the best choice for anyone with allergies. As well as being hypoallergenic, it can be washed at 60°C  – the temperature needed to get rid of dust mites.

Vegan down is easier to wash and dry

You can put The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet in the washing machine with no problem. It also dries much more quickly than real down and doesn’t have that horribly feathery smell either.

There are no sharp feathers to poke out of a vegan down duvet

If you’ve had a real down duvet you’ll be familiar with how the sharp end of feathers can poke through the cover. There are no sharp ends to synthetic down, so this is never a problem.

Vegan down feels lighter

The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet feels so light and fluffy, yet it drapes over the contours of your skin to keep you cosy and warm.

Vegan down last a long time

I expect that my vegan down duvet will last for many years to come. While real down can get matted over time, this won’t be a problem with a synthetic filling.

Is vegan down eco-friendly?

Some people have concerns over buying a duvet that’s made of polyester rather than natural materials, given that polyester is essentially plastic. However, as The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet is made with recycled plastic bottles, you can rest assured that it’s keeping plastic out of landfills.

The cover of the duvet is made with 233 thread count cotton that’s 100% sustainably sourced. This means that the cotton is grown in a way that has minimal impact on the environment and supports producers to be paid fairly for their work.

Synthetic duvets aren’t recyclable, so after use, you should be sure to donate yours to a homeless or animal shelter so that it can be reused.

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How warm is the Vegan Down Duvet?

The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet is 10.5 tog and is suitable for use all year round. Tog ratings generally range from 2.5 to 15, so a 10.5 tog is average.

The duvet is light and airy enough to use in the summer while being warm enough for the winter too. That said, on the coldest of winter days, you may wish to add an extra blanket over the top.

What Size Duvet To Buy

The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet comes in four sizes – single, double, king and super king.

When I buy a duvet, I always like to size up by putting a king size duvet on a double bed. You could instead put a super king duvet on a king-size bed. That way, you’ll never have to fight over one person taking all of the covers!

In the photo below, you can see how the king-size duvet looks on a double bed. The texture of the vegan down means that it drapes beautifully over the edges, without sticking out as other synthetic-filled duvets would.

Final Thoughts

I’m in love with The Fine Bedding Company Vegan Down Duvet and would recommend it 100%. While it does cost a little more than some other synthetic duvets, I feel that the price is justified as it’s such a high-quality product.

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