Mindful Chef smoothies: Healthy vegan smoothies delivered to your door

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Mindful Chef is a health-focused UK-based food delivery company offering vegan recipe boxes, healthy frozen ready meals, soups and smoothies.

If you’d like to know more about Mindful Chef smoothies, you’re in the right place. This guide has all the information in one place to make it easy for you to choose the best smoothies to order.

Photo credit: Mindful Chef

What are Mindful Chef smoothies?

Mindful Chef’s smoothies come in a pre-portioned pouch of frozen fruits and vegetables which are ready to pop into your blender along with 250ml of your choice of liquid.

  • Pre-chopped fruit and veg
  • Delicious smoothies recipes
  • Effortless to make
  • Flash-frozen to lock in nutrients
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives or other nasties

How to prepare Mindful Chef smoothies

  1. Tip the contents of a smoothie pouch into your blender along with your choice of liquid
  2. Blitz for around a minute, depending on your blender
  3. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

The NUTRiBULLET is one of the best blenders for making smoothies. Click here to check the price on Amazon.

You don’t have to use a NUTRiBULLET though, you can use any blender that you already have. If you don’t yet have one, here’s a list of the best blenders for vegans.

Which liquids to use with Mindful Chef smoothies?

Which liquid to use depends on how creamy you like your smoothie and how many extra calories you want to add.

Mindful Chef recommends adding 250ml of liquid, but you could add more or less depending on how thick you like it.

Options to try include:

Water – Keeping it simple with water means no extra calories and no change to the natural taste of the fruit and veg which are all carefully crafted to taste great with just water.

Coconut water – This is a great option for tropical smoothies that have ingredients like pineapple, orange and mango. Coconut water is high in potassium so it will have extra benefits if you like to drink a smoothie after your workout.

Plant milk – Oat milk, almond milk, soya milk and cashew milk are all excellent ways to give your smoothie a nice creamy texture, as well as adding a protein boost.

There’s a huge choice of 16 smoothie flavours to choose from. The smoothies come in a pack of five, all of the same flavour. If you can’t decide which to go for, you can choose a taster bundle of 12 smoothies, which has two of each kind.

Berry Blast smoothie
Photo credit: Mindful Chef

How many calories are in Mindful Chef smoothies?

On average, a Mindful Chef smoothie has 131 calories, but this varies depending on the flavour. The lightest smoothie is Berry Beets which has 57 calories, whereas the most calorific is the Banana Cacao which has 286 calories when made with water.

If you add coconut water or milk to your smoothies, the calories will be higher.

This table shows how many calories are in each Mindful Chef smoothie…

Berry Beets57
Orange Energiser76
Lean Green78
Dragon Fruit98
Berry Blast108
Apple Blackberry120
Tropical Cooler125
Passion Fruit Breakfast126
Green Protein139
Superseed Acai140
Green Breakfast153
Berry Breakfast158
Blueberry Chia160
Blackcurrant Supergrains179
Banana Cacao286

Each smoothie is a generous portion, so you could share it between two people or save half for later if you find it’s too much.

How much are do Mindful Chef smoothies cost

  • 5 smoothies = £12 (£2.40 each)
  • 12 smoothies = £24 (£2 each)

Delivery is £4.95, but is free on orders over £24.

If you go for the pack of five smoothies, they all have to be the same flavour. The twelve-pack includes six different flavours. So, if you’ve never ordered from Mindful Chef before, I would recommend ordering a taster bundle of twelve to decide which flavours you like the best.

The Taster Bundle contains:

  • 2 x Green Breakfast
  • 2 x Lean Green
  • 2 x Orange Energizer
  • 2 x Coconut Cooler
  • 2 x Berry Blast
  • 2 x Berry Breakfast

The Winter Taster Bundle contains:

  • 2 x Banana Cacao
  • 2 x Apple Blackberry
  • 2 x Superseed Acai 
  • 2 x Berry Beets 
  • 2 x Green Protein
  • 2 x Orange Energizer

The Taster Bundle contains all the best-selling smoothies, so there’s a good chance that you’ll like the flavours. The Winter Taster Bundle contains seasonal recipes that are high in Vitamin C.

Green Protein Smoothie
Photo credit: Mindful Chef

How do I order Mindful Chef smoothies?

Ordering is easy, just click here to visit the Mindful Chef website and place your order.

Mindful Chef delivers across the mainland UK, seven days per week. If you place your order before 9pm, you will receive your smoothies the next day!

On the morning of your delivery, the courier will let you know what time to expect your delivery. The smoothies are packaged in insulated boxes with dry ice so that they stay frozen. You don’t need to be home, as you can assign a designated safe place to leave your order.

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