Is Bread Sauce Vegan?

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Bread sauce is traditionally served over turkey or chicken on Christmas Day, although it also makes a great accompaniment to vegan dishes such as a mushroom wellington or nut roast. But is bread sauce suitable for vegans?

vegan bread sauce in pan

Well, the answer depends very much on how it’s made. So, read on for everything that vegans need to know about bread sauce…

Can vegans eat bread sauce?

Traditionally, bread sauce isn’t vegan-friendly as it contains milk. However, vegans can eat bread sauce if it is made with plant milk rather than cows milk. This is an easy swap to make, and all of the other ingredients in bread sauce are vegan-friendly.

What is bread sauce made of?

Bread sauce is typically made with stale bread, milk, onion and spices like garlic, cloves, pepper, thyme and nutmeg. Many people make bread sauce at home by mixing a packet of bread sauce mix with milk.

Why is bread sauce not be vegan?

When made to the traditional English recipe, bread sauce isn’t usually suitable for vegans as it contains milk. Packets of bread sauce mix sometimes have milk powder in the ingredients.

How to make vegan bread sauce

Making vegan bread sauce is easy. Just buy a packet of bread sauce mix that doesn’t contain milk, such as Colman’s bread sauce. Then, add your favourite plant milk to the powder, whether they be soy, oat, almond or something else. Then, you have vegan bread sauce.

bread sauce at Christmas

Which brands of bread sauce are vegan?

Some bread sauce mixes are vegan-friendly while others contain milk. Here are the most popular bread sauce brands in the UK…

Is Colman’s bread sauce vegan?

Colman’s bread sauce mix is suitable for vegans when it’s made with plant milk rather than cows’ milk. The mix contains no animal-derived ingredients and is made to vegan standards, although it is made in the same factory as products that contain eggs and milk.

Is Schwartz bread sauce vegan?

Schwartz luxury bread sauce mix is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. It contains cream powder, whey powder and skimmed milk powder, all of which are made from the milk of cows.

Is Sainsbury’s bread sauce vegan?

Sainsbury’s bread sauce mix is vegan-friendly when made with plant milk instead of dairy milk. It contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Is Morrison’s bread sauce vegan?

Morrison’s bread sauce mix can be suitable for vegans if you make it with plant milk instead of cows’ milk. It contains no animal-derived ingredients although it is made in the same factory as egg and milk products.

The Bottom Line

There’s really no need to give up bread sauce once you go vegan. Making vegan bread sauce is easy. Just find a packet of accidentally-vegan bread sauce mix and use plant-based milk instead of cows milk to mix it up.

If you prefer to make vegan bread sauce from scratch, that’s easy to do too. You can substitute the milk in any bread sauce recipe for plant milk. If the recipe contains butter, you should also be sure to switch this to vegan margarine.

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