What’s Vegan At Greenhalgh’s?

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Everybody loves to shout about the new additions to the Greggs vegan menu… But what about Greenhalgh’s?

For a long time, Greenhalgh’s chain of bakeries in the North West was off-limits to vegans. But not any more! Greenhalgh’s now has a decent menu of plant-based options that vegans can enjoy. So, read on for a full list…

1. Potato and Meatless Pie

The best thing on the menu at Greenhalgh’s has to be the potato and meatless pie. A vegan version of the famous meat and potato pie, this one tastes almost the same as the original! This is a must-try for vegans, vegetarians or anyone wanting to reduce their meat consumption.

Greenhalghs vegan pie

2. Vegan Roll

While we all love the infamous Greggs vegan sausage roll, some would say that Grenhalgh’s version is even better! Made from soy protein and flaky golden brown pastry, this is one of the best vegan items at Greenhalghs.

Greenhalghs vegan roll

3. Potato Cakes

Not all potato cakes are vegan-friendly, but Greenhalgh’s potato cakes are. Made with potato and flour, Greenhalgh’s potato cakes are made to an egg-free recipe so they can be enjoyed by vegans. Top them with Flora Plant Butter a tasty savoury snack.

potato cakes

4. Spicy Bun Loaf

If you haven’t tried this Greenhalgh’s classic loaf then now’s the time. This sweet and slightly spiced fruity bread is best served toasted with your favourite fruit jam. Yum!

Greenhalghs spicy bun loaf

5. Crumpet Loaf

The chewy, holey texture of crumpets in the shape of a thick-sliced crusty loaf? Yes, please! Greenhalgh’s crumpet bread is vegan-friendly and tastes amazing toasted and topped with dairy-free butter or vegan cheese.

Greenhalghs crumpet loaf

6. Round Sourdough

Sourdough is the perfect bread for that vegan classic – avocado on toast. Greenhalgh’s has two sourdough loaves to choose from – brown or white – and both are suitable for vegans.

Greenhalghs sourdough

7. Scotch Loaf

Greenhalgh’s scotch loaf is a classic unsliced white loaf. With a golden crust and distinctive texture it’s ideal for soups and sandwiches and comes in two sizes – large or small.

Scotch Loaf

8. GI Seeded Loaf

This delicious loaf is made with wheat bran, oat flakes, sunflower seeds, linseed and pumpkin seed. It’s low GI, which means that it’s a healthy option for those who are aiming to lose weight or keep their blood sugar in check.

Greenhalghs Seeded Loaf

9. Mystery Box

Greenhalgh’s offer a mystery gift box that contains a mix of items including the potential of wine or beer! There are vegetarian and plant-based option available, so vegans don’t have to miss out on the excitement of a mystery box of goodies!

Is Greenhalgh’s the best bakery for vegans?

In addition to a fantastic plant-based menu with pies, sausage rolls and bread, Greenhalgh’s also offer home delivery! While the shops are only found in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, the company offers delivery nationwide.

Visit Greenhalghs.com to place your order.

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