Is Pimm’s vegan?

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Pimm’s is a fruity gin-based spirit which is made from a secret recipe. Pimm’s is suitable for vegans – it uses no animal products and all the ingredients are ethically sourced.

As a long drink, Pimm’s is usually served in a cocktail with lemonade and fruit. However, if Pimm’s is served with sparkling wine, then the wine may or may not be vegan. When ordering Pimm’s at a bar, you may choose to ask for it without sparkling wine to be certain that your Pimm’s cocktail is vegan.

“PIMM’S No. 1 Cup, PIMM’S Vodka Cup and PIMM’S and Lemonade (any format) are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No animal products are used in the manufacture of any of these products. Cochineal is not used.”

Daniel, Education Officer, PIMM’s

What is Pimm’s?

Pimm’s is a quintessentially British summer drink which dates back to 1840. The liqueur is dark reddish-brown in colour and tastes of citrus fruits and spices. It’s typically served as a long drink mixed with clear lemonade or ginger ale and poured from a glass jug with various garnishes such as apples, cucumber, oranges, lemon, strawberry and mint.

Pimm's cups

When Pimm’s might not be vegan

Pimms is the main ingredient in several Pimms-based cocktails so it’s important to note what other types of alcohol might be added to your Pimm’s drink, as these might not be vegan.

For example, Pimm’s Royale is a cocktail which mixes Pimm’s with champagne or sparkling wine. Some champagnes and sparkling wines use fining agents which are derived from animals such as isinglass (fish bladder) and casein (milk protein). Some champagnes are vegan and others aren’t and it’s usually not possible to tell from looking at the label.

If you’re not sure, ask for your Pimm’s with just lemonade and fruit and hold the sparkling wine.

How to enjoy Pimm’s

Pimm’s is synonymous with British summertime, which is why you’ll find it at many iconic cultural events such as Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Chelsea Flower Show, the summer garden parties of British universities and at the reception of summer weddings.

Pimm’s is widely available in UK supermarkets and makes a great drink to enjoy outdoors at a barbecue, garden party or picnic. Pimm’s is easily one of the best summer cocktails. Another summer cocktail I love is strawberry mint bourbon smash – you should definitely give that one a try! Alternatively, you’ll find more summer cocktail ideas, over at DeliciouslyHappy.com.

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