Is Soreen vegan?

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Soreen is the most popular brand of malt loaf in the UK. Soreen is made to a vegetarian recipe, but is it suitable for vegans? The answer isn’t straightforward. Read on to find out why…

Is Soreen malt loaf vegan?

Soreen malt loaf comes in many varieties – some are vegan and some are not. Those that are suitable for vegans are marked with a vegan label on the packaging. Those that aren’t marked as vegan contain milk.

Which flavours of Soreen are vegan?

These types of Soreen are suitable for vegans:

  • Apple Loaf
  • Banana Loaf
  • Banana Loaf Bar (4 Pack)
  • Chocolate Loaf Bar (4 Pack)
  • Malt Loaf Bar (4 Pack)
  • Apple Lunchbox Loaves (5 Pack)
  • Banana Lunchbox Loaves (5 Pack)
  • Strawberry Lunchbox Loaves (5 Pack)

These types of Soreen are NOT suitable for vegans:

  • Original Malt Loaf
  • Fruity 5 Loaf
  • Winter Spice Loaf
  • Seeds & More Loaf
  • Sliced Malt Loaf
  • Pre-Buttered Slices
  • Malt Lunchbox Loaves (5 Pack)
  • Banana Lunchbox Loaves (5 Pack)
  • Malt Loaf Bar (Single)
  • Malt Loaf Bar (10 Pack)
  • Scream Mini Loaves Toffee Apple
  • Scream Mini Loaves Chocolate and Blood Orange

UPDATE: Original Soreen is going vegan! On 9th December 2020, an Original Soreen Loaf was spotted with a ‘vegan approved’ label. Keep your eye out for the new vegan Soreen in shops.

Source: via veganfooduk on Vegan Food UK

Some varieties of Soreen are certified as vegan by the Vegetarian Society and these all carry the ‘vegan approved’ label. However, many varieties of Soreen have milk in the ingredients.

When shopping for Soreen malt loaf in your local supermarket, it’s important to look at the packaging to see if it’s vegan or not.

Apple, strawberry and banana flavours of Soreen are all vegan. You may be surprised to learn that the chocolate loaf bars are vegan too.

Where it becomes confusing is with the original malt loaf and the original malt loaf bars. Single malt loaf bars and ten-packs of malt loaf bars contain milk, but the four-packs do not contain any milk and are suitable for vegans!

Whether Soreen is vegan or not is a situation that is likely to change over time as the company adjusts its ingredients, so always check the packaging before you buy.

Does Soreen contain palm oil?

Soreen contains sustainably-sourced palm oil. Some vegans choose to avoid products which contain palm oil that was not produced in a sustainable way because unsustainable palm oil production is damaging to the environment and the habitats of animals. As all of the palm oil in Soreen is sustainably-produced, this is not a cause for concern.


Vegans who love to eat Soreen malt loaf are able to enjoy the apple, banana, chocolate and strawberry varieties. If you prefer the original kind, then look out for the four-pack loaf bars as those are vegan too.

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