31 Cute Vegan Names for Babies or Pets

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Whether you plan to raise your baby (or fur-baby) as a vegan or not, these vegan names ooze kindness and compassion.

In this list of the best vegan names, you’ll find names with vegan meanings, names inspired by famous animal rights activists, and some funny vegan pet names thrown in too. Whether you want vegan baby names or vegan dog names, there’s a list here for you.

The vegan movement is growing every day. So why not give your baby boy or girl a name that connects them to the love and mercy of the vegan lifestyle?

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Vegan baby girl names

These vegan baby girl names are unique, earthy and beautiful – just like your future daughter will be.

Alicia – When you search Google for ‘famous vegans’, movie star and author of ‘The Kind Diet‘ Alicia Silverstone comes up as number one. She’s been vegan for over 20 years and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t aged since.

Bunny – The bunny logo is often used as a sign that a product is cruelty-free so this would make a wonderful name for your vegan baby daughter.

Caoimhe – A common girls’ name in Ireland, Caoimhe is pronounced as ‘Keeva’. It means ‘kind, compassionate and beautiful’, which are qualities that any vegan parent would want for their daughter.

Carys – Also spelled as Cerys, Caris or Karis, this is a Welsh name which means ‘love and kindness’.

Clementine – As well as being a delicious orange fruit, the name Clementine means ‘mild and merciful’. Another variant with the same meaning is Clemence.

Lelia – The Slavic goddess of spring and mercy, this is such a pretty name for a vegan baby girl.

Leonora – This Greek name means ‘compassionate and merciful’, making it the perfect vegan baby name. You can shorten it to Leonie, which is my daughter’s name.

Mercy – This girls’ name is of English origin and its meaning is clear – compassion and forbearance.

Olive – The name Olive is more than just the name of a fruit, it also has associations with the olive branch as a symbol of peace.

Ruth – In Hebrew, this name means ‘compassionate friend’.

Saffron – This girl’s name is also the name of a precious spice that’s yellow in colour.

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Vegan baby boy names

These plant-based names are all perfect for your strong and gentle vegan boy. …

Arham – This classic Arabic boy name means ‘compassion’.

Armo – This Finnish boys’ name means ‘mercy’ and the ‘o’ ending is really cool.

Ellis – This popular boys’ name means ‘kind and compassionate’.

Kale – A boy’s name of Hawaiian origin, Kale is also the name of a super-healthy vegetable.

Lewis – The Formula One world champion and animal rights spokesperson, Lewis Hamilton, was named as PETA’s Person of the Year.

Moby – This is a great vegan name for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the name of the classic novel Moby-Dick, which tells the tale of a white whale who sinks every whaling boat. Secondly, it’s the name of musician Moby who has devoted his life to animal activism.

Woody – As well as being a beautiful nature-inspired name, Woody reminds us of Woody Harrelson who has been a vegan icon for more than 30 years.

For more names that have connections to nature, take a look at this list of earthy boys’ names.

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Unisex vegan names

Gender-neutral names are increasing in popularity as parents opt for names that will grow with their child, no matter how they identify themselves in the future. Take a look at the best unisex vegan names.

Ai – If you like short names then this one is hard to beat. Most commonly used in China and Hapan, it means ‘love and affection’.

Ari – This unisex baby name is of Thai origin. It means ‘kind, generous and compassionate’.

Basil – A name of Greek origin, meaning regal. Of course, in English, it’s also the name of a much-loved herb.

Joey – Australian animal rights activist Joey Carbstrong is one of the most well-known vegan activists. Joey is also the name of a baby kangaroo. This name can be a short version of many names including Joseph, Josephine and Joanna.

Phoenix – This unisex name is the name of a bird and also the surname of vegan brothers and Hollywood stars River and Joaquin Phoenix.

Rain – One of the most beautiful unisex names, this name connects us with nature. It can be spelled in many ways including Rayne, Raine and Reine.

Vega – This unisex name has many meanings. It’s the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky, as well as meaning ‘swooping eagle’.

Vegan pet names

Whether you’re getting a dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet, I hope you’re inspired by this list of cute names for animals.

Barley – Similar-sounding to Marley and Harley, this would make a good name for a vegan dog.

Ginger – A great name for any orange-coloured animal, ginger is also a popular spice.

Nooch – A nickname for the vegan staple nutritional yeast, this would be a funny name to give a pet, but less so for a baby.

Oreo – This famously vegan cookie would be a cool name for a pet dog or cat.

Pickles – If you love a side-serving of pickles with everything, perhaps this would be a cool name for your new pet.

Waffle – British TV show Waffle the Wonder Dog has a catchy theme tune that you just can’t get out of your head. But if you can, this vegan food-based name could be just the ticket.

Yoshi – This classic Japanese name means ‘good, respectful’. However, to most people, it’s the Nintendo video game character.

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