Is brandy vegan?

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Brandy is a distilled spirit which is typically served after a meal. While you might not have a habit of drinking brandy, you’ll often find that it’s added to Christmas food like mince pies and Christmas puddings.

Brandy is made from fermented fruit and is usually vegan. However, sometimes brandy is distilled using animal products such as albumin (from eggs), gelatine (from pigs or cows) or isinglass (fish bladders). Occasionally, honey may be added for flavour or cochineal (crushed beetles) may be added for colour.

How do I know if brandy is vegan or not?

Alcoholic drinks often don’t have any labelling to say if they are vegan-friendly and they are not required to list the ingredients. To know for sure if a particular brand of brandy is vegan you could email the manufacturer to ask.

Luckily, the popular vegan website has done just that already and it lists most brands of brandy and whether they are suitable for vegans or not. According to, over 90% of brandies are vegan.

Look up brandy on

Which Brandies are vegan?

The table below shows the top 10 most popular brandies in the UK and the good news is that they are all suitable for vegans!

BrandyIs it vegan?
Courvoisier VSYes
Courvoisier VSOPYes
Three BarrelsYes
Remy Martin VSOPYes
Martell VSYes
Martell VSOPYes
Hennessy VSYes
Hennessy VSOPYes

Is cognac vegan?

Cognac is a specific type of brandy which comes specifically from the Cognac region of France. Just like brandy, almost all varieties of cognac are vegan-friendly.

Is the brandy in Christmas pudding and mince pies vegan?

It is most likely that any brandy that’s used to make a Christmas pudding or mince pie is vegan because most brandy is vegan. Any non-vegan brandies tend to be luxury liqueurs which would not usually be used in food.

To be sure, check the packaging for the vegan trademark, or you could make your own vegan Christmas pudding and mince pies so that you know exactly what’s in them.

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