NXG (Nutri-Genetix) Shakes Review

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NGX is a personalised nutrition programme that uses DNA testing to create a blend of 30 essential nutrients that’s totally unique to you.

I tried Nutri-Genetix NGX meal shakes and was really impressed! Read on to find out what I loved, what I didn’t love, and who I’d recommend NGX to.

Me with my NGX shake

What is NGX?

NGX meal replacement shakes are personalised based on your actual DNA.

Nutri-Genetix sends you a complete breakdown of your nutrition, including what you’re lacking in, what you’re doing fine for, and what you’ve potentially got too much of.

The products are all vegan-friendly and are made with pea protein. 

There are two NGX products to choose from:

  1. NGX BodyFuelA meal shake that’s uniquely blended just for you. It helps you to improve mental motivation and drive, burn fat 2x faster, and improve stamina
  2. NGX PowerPackA protein shake to be used post-workout, in addition to BodyFuel, for the ultimate energy boost

You can also get NGX Flavour Packs to add a delicious twist to your shakes, smoothies, or meals. Choose between SuperBerry and Cacao & Coconut flavours.

NGX shakes

How to take NGX

You can choose how you want to take NGX.

Some ways I suggest you take it are…

  1. Make shakes with the protein powder and flavour powder
  2. Add the protein powder to your meals
  3. Blend the protein powder with fruit into a smoothie
  4. Make pancakes or porridge with the powder for breakfast

You can use NGX as a meal replacement shake (replacing up to two meals per day), or you can take it after workouts to maximise the health benefits. 

Why did I try NGX?

I tried NGX because I’m super-busy and I want to lose a little more weight while building muscle.

I’ve been vegan for over six years now and I was vegetarian for 10 years before that, so it’s fair to say that I’m a pro when it comes to living life as a vegan. But, one area that I’ve always taken less care of is my nutrition.

I can scan ingredient lists like a robot, but remembering to keep track of my B12, iron, and calcium always seems like such a chore. 

I’ve also lost a lot of weight recently (five stone, to be exact) and I’ve upped my fitness, so the idea of something that can help me to build up muscle and minimise fat gain, while also ensuring I get a personalised blend of nutrients that’s unique to me, sounds amazing.

I have about half a stone I’d like to lose ahead of my long-awaited holiday in the next couple of weeks, too.

In addition to this, I’m a busy mum of a two-year-old who thinks it’s fun to see how little time he can allow me to sit down for, so the ability to use NGX as a meal replacement shake really did appeal to me.

I have precisely zero time to faff about with making fancy meals these days!

The fact that NGX is based on your actual DNA also appealed to me – I really liked the idea of having something uniquely tailored to me. 

The NGX DNA testing kit

How much does NGX cost? 

NGX is a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

The company’s website says that you can get the shakes “from just £2.17 per meal”, which is true. But that’s just for the shakes.

To set yourself up from the get-go with NGX, you’ll need to purchase the NGX 2-Week Starter Pack. This costs £129 and gets you: 

  • A DNA test
  • A personalised nutrition report
  • Two weeks’ worth of BodyFuel protein powder
  • A pack of your chosen flavour boost powder
  • A branded NGX shaker
  • A branded NGX T-shirt

I decided from the start to use NGX as a meal replacement product. So, I suppose, if you’re looking at it as a meal replacement programme, £129 isn’t that expensive.

It’s a pretty big commitment upfront, though, which is why I wrote this review – so that you can check that NGX is worth it before you make your purchase.

How long does NGX take to arrive?

I wasn’t expecting NGX to take as long as it did to arrive.

It’s a seriously lengthy process from when you first sign up to when you actually receive your products. We’re talking about four weeks. That’s a really long time to wait once you’ve made a decision to begin taking a product, so you do need to be pretty invested in NGX to do this. 

Once I took the DNA test, I waited about two weeks (which is fair, since they do have to analyse your DNA!)

Then you need to wait for them to look over your results and create your personalised report, and then there’s the delivery time it takes to receive your shakes. 

What’s in the NGX personalised nutrition report? 

The personalised nutrition report is really cool.

I found it interesting to look through and see what I was lacking and which nutrients I was doing well for, considering I’ve never really taken supplements of any kind. 

My report revealed that I’m deficient in B12 and I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine, which would explain why I feel so much better since I switched to drinking decaf coffee!

However, one thing that I found annoying is that NGX says it’s vegan-friendly, but it also mentions eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products throughout the report.

I do understand that some brands are marketed to both vegans and non-vegans, but I found it to be a little off-putting. 

NGX report b12

Does NGX taste nice?

This is an easy answer: Yes!

I chose the SuperBerry flavour pack, and I can honestly say it smells just like McDonald’s strawberry milkshake (or how I remember it smelling!)

It’s pretty darn tasty, too, and not even just “for a protein shake”.

I’ve tried the NGX BodyFuel and SuperBerry flavour powder in protein shakes, smoothies, and porridge so far, and it’s genuinely delicious in both forms.

If you’re after something that tastes good, NGX is it. 

NGX flavour powder

Will NGX shakes fill me up, though?

NGX shakes are fantastic for breakfast when I just need something really quick as I’m running out the door, or before I do a morning workout.

I’ve had varied success with having the shakes for lunch, though.

If I’ve got a busy day at work ahead, they’re fantastic. I can just blend up a smoothie with the BodyFuel and flavour boost and crack on.

But, when I’m at home with my family, I do feel like I need something a little more substantial. I’ve tried mixing the protein powder into porridge, but it doesn’t really hit the spot for lunch. 

NGX meal replacement powder

Have I lost any weight on NGX?

I’ve lost 5lb since I started NGX a week ago.

Since I’m already pretty much at the end of my weight loss goal, losing weight is generally a tad slower for me now.

I’m also exercising a lot more than I have in the past, so there’s the added complication that I’m building up muscle mass.

I certainly think you could lose weight on NGX though, so long as you stick to the meal replacement plan and don’t snack on unhealthy options in between meals. 

Pros and Cons of Nutri-Genetix NGX

Let’s cut to the chase with a good, old-fashioned pros and cons list:

Pros of NGX

  • Once you’ve taken your DNA test and sent it off, you literally just sit back and relax while you wait for everything to be done behind the scenes
  • The entire NGX range is vegan friendly
  • The protein powder is tailored to you, so you don’t have to worry about getting too much or too little of certain nutrients
  • The protein shakes are delicious  
  • They’re easy to prepare, so great if you’re busy 
  • There isn’t any chalky texture to the shakes like I’ve experienced with other protein powders
  • You get enough protein powder for two weeks if you buy the starter pack, so you aren’t locked in to a 4-week plan

Cons of NGX

  • NGX is pretty expensive, so not everyone is going to be able to afford it
  • Because of the DNA testing and custom blending, it takes a long time for the products to arrive (around four weeks)
  • The personalised report talks a lot about eating non-vegan foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, which is pretty off-putting for a vegan
  • I found that I wasn’t always satiated after having only the shakes, especially when having them for lunch. I did manage to stick to the meal replacement plan, but I was hungry at certain points

To conclude

I’ve enjoyed taking NGX meal replacement shakes and it’s certainly helped me to shift a few pounds ahead of my holiday.

While the starter pack seems pretty expensive, it comes with everything you need to get going. When I re-order, it will be much cheaper as Nutri-Genetix already has my custom recipe so the price will be on par with other vegan meal replacement shakes.

I found the DNA report to be fascinating. I just wish that it wouldn’t recommend eating meat! Perhaps this is something that NGX can adjust so that vegans are recommended healthy plant-based proteins instead.

NGX Review

Aurora Johnson



The NGX shakes taste fantastic and are so easy to prepare. I lost 5lb in the first week when having them twice per day. I found the DNA report to be fascinating, although it could be better tailored to vegans.


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