Are Fruit Pastilles vegan?

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Since their launch in 1881, Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles had contained gelatine, making them unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. However, on 15th September 2020, Nestlé announced that Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles will have a new vegan recipe!

When can we expect vegan fruit pastilles?

The new vegan Fruit Pastilles recipe will be used across the full range of Fruit Pastilles sweets, starting with the sharing bags from October 2020.

Any vegans or vegetarians who buy Fruit Pastilles should be sure to check the packaging to make sure they’re picking up the new version. The new sharing packs of Fruit Pastilles say ‘NOW VEGAN FRIENDLY’ on the front.

Vegan Fruit Pastilles Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a packet of the new vegan Fruit Pastilles and they are good! I hadn’t eaten Fruit Pastilles since I was around ten years old, so i was super excited to try them!

The Fruit Pastilles are really sweet and tasty. They are slightly softer than the originals, but if that bothers you, I suggest that you pop them in the fridge for a while and they’ll become much more solid and chewy.

vegan Fruit Pastilles

Do Fruit Pastilles contain gelatine?

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles no longer contain gelatine with a new recipe from October 2020. This change means that Fruit Pastilles are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those following a halal diet.

Are red Fruit Pastilles vegan?

Although some red food colouring is made from crushed beetles, the red colouring used in Fruit Pastilles has never been derived from animals.

The new vegan Fruit Pastilles recipe will apply to all varieties of Fruit Pastilles. This includes the Strawberry & Blackcurrant sharing bag and the 30% Less Sugar Fruit Pastilles.

We have had many requests from consumers over the years asking if we can make Fruit Pastilles vegetarian or vegan. We want the brand to be enjoyed by as many consumers as possible and so we are delighted to be able to introduce our new vegan-friendly recipe across the full range of sweets.

“In developing the new formulation, we were very conscious of our responsibility as custodians of this much-loved brand and its long history. Through this recipe change, we’ve made the sweets slightly softer, which we know has been a market trend for a number of years. However, our priority was to preserve the fabulously fruity chew that has made Fruit Pastilles a classic for almost a century and a half.”

Meg Miller – Rowntree’s brand manager

Are Fruit Pastilles lollies vegan?

Fruit Pastilles ice lollies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. They are, however, made alongside milk products so may not be suitable for those with allergies due to the risk of cross-contamination.


Fruit Pastilles vegan

It’s fantastic news that a product with a 140-year history has now been made vegan by popular demand. According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled over five years from 2014 to 2019. We look forward to seeing more sweets that contain gelatine being made vegan over the coming years.

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