Is pilau rice vegan?

Pilau rice (also spelt as pilaf rice) is a popular rice dish. With pilau rice recipes, the rice is usually cooked in a stock …

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Are Millions sweets vegan?

Millions are tiny chewy sweets that come in nine fruity flavours. You’ll find them in tubes, shakers, bags and jars. But are Millions suitable …

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Are Jammie Dodgers vegan?

Jammie Dodgers vegan

Jammie Dodgers are delicious jam-filled biscuits. But are Jammie Dodgers vegan? The answer depends on whether you buy Jammie Dodgers that are manufactured by …

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Are fish animals or not?

The classification of living things into groups isn’t straightforward. As a result, you may be confused about whether fish are classed as animals, or …

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Is petrol vegan?

petrol car

These days it seems that the list of things that are ‘not vegan’ is never-ending, with animal products finding their way into all kinds …

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Is brandy vegan?

is brandy vegan

Brandy is a distilled spirit that is typically served after a meal. While you might not have a habit of drinking brandy, you’ll often …

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Is gin vegan?

vegan gin

If you pick up a bottle of gin, you’ll likely have no idea whether it’s vegan or not because most drinks aren’t labelled as …

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Vegan Maltesers: Where to get them

vegan maltesers

Maltesers are light and airy biscuits balls covered in chocolate. Manufactured by Mars, they are one of the most popular chocolate treats in the …

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Are Twiglets vegan?

Are Twiglets vegan

Jacob’s Twiglets are a crunchy, nobbly, twig-shaped snack. But are Twiglets vegan? The label says ‘suitable for vegetarians’ so read on to discover what …

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10 best vegan slippers (UK)

Many slippers are not vegan-friendly as they are made from animal products such as fur, sheepskin, suede and wool. As some of these materials …

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