Is Apple Juice Vegan?

Apple juice seems like a drink that should be suitable for vegans and vegetarians. After all, it’s just squashed fruit, right? Well, not always. …

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Is Tiger Bread Vegan?

Many people would agree that, with its chewy crust and soft centre, tiger bread is one of the tastiest types of bread around. Obviously, …

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Is Horseradish Sauce Vegan?

Horseradish sauce is traditionally served with roast beef, but you may also be wondering whether vegans and vegetarians can enjoy this creamy and spicy …

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Is Bread Sauce Vegan?

Bread sauce is traditionally served over turkey or chicken on Christmas Day, although it also makes a great accompaniment to vegan dishes such as …

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Is Cranberry Sauce Vegan?

For many people, cranberry sauce is a must when it comes to Christmas dinner. Although some people enjoy it all year round on the …

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Is Soreen Malt Loaf Vegan?

Soreen is the most popular brand of malt loaf in the UK. Soreen is made to a vegetarian recipe, but is it suitable for …

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Is Gingerbread Vegan?

For many of us, gingerbread brings back fond childhood memories. Whether it’s being treated to a gingerbread man in a paper bag from the …

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Is Stuffing Vegan?

A tasty mixture of sage and onion, stuffing got its name because it’s commonly ‘stuffed’ up a dead bird’s backside. Nice. Of course, you …

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vegan mince pies

Are Mince Pies Vegan or Vegetarian?

Made from pastry and filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices known as ‘mincemeat’, mince pies are a popular British Christmas treat. …

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Are Yankee Candles Vegan?

Generally speaking, some candles are vegan-friendly but others are not. Animal-derived ingredients in candles may include beeswax and stearic acid which is made from …

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vegan coffee

Can Vegans Drink Coffee?

It may seem like a silly question to ask if coffee is vegan, but the vegan suitability of coffee can be a little complicated. …

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vegan mulled wine

The Best Vegan Mulled Wine & Gluhwein

When the festive season rolls around, new vegans often find themselves frantically looking up whether Christmas food and drinks like mince pies, Christmas pudding …

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Is McDonald’s Apple Pie Vegan?

Apple pie is traditionally made with shortcrust pastry that contains eggs. But what about McDonald’s apple pie. Is McDonald’s apple pie vegan or not? …

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Is Bournville Vegan?

Dark chocolate can be a good option for vegans and those looking to avoid cows’ milk. However, some dark chocolate brands actually contain milk, …

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